Friday, 31 January 2014

Results update to end the month

A quick update of the results from last weekend and the midweek games. A really strange month and the first week of January feels like it was a long time ago now and the losses suffered since then have been as bad as a few runs suffered earlier this season. I will get on with the monthly review after I’m done here and I want to spend a bit of time looking at the results so far this season for the underlying results as finding away winners was very, very difficult. I thought September was a tough month for Aways but this month has felt almost as bad, if not worse. I haven’t looked at the overall results yet, so not sure if it was worse than September for the underlying results but we’ll see later.

In terms of the last week or so, another tough update. Aways have been in very short supply as Homes and Draws have taken a hold in the leagues I play in. This has helped the systems with more Home bets and of course, the draw systems have benefitted from easier conditions but on the whole, it has been tough.

One set of systems that haven’t found it tough recently has been the Euro systems and they have basically rescued my portfolio this month, along with the Draw systems. I’m still not sure the Draw Systems or Euro systems have an edge yet but if I hadn’t had a few of these systems in my own betting portfolio this season, it would have been a different story for my betting this season.  Said this before but you make your own luck at this game.

Here’s the results for the last week.

Est Systems

A loss of 0.62pts from 30 bets. Aways lost just over 8pts and Homes won just under 8pts. Fits in with what I said above.

New Systems

A loss of 7.99pts from 80 bets. Aways hit 3 winners from 32 bets and lost 13.79pts. Homes won 5.8pts from 48 bets.

Misc Systems

A loss of 8.64pts from 37 bets. Aways hit 1 winner from 16 bets and lost 9.93pts. Homes won 1.29pts from 21 bets.

Draw Systems

A profit of 28.02pts from 85 bets. 33 winners from 85 bets.

Euro Systems

A profit of 27.3pts from 34 bets. A really nice return for these systems and when the bets weren’t winning, they were mostly drawing! The AH returns were very good too.

Under/Over Systems

A profit of 0.86pts from 12 bets. 6 winners from 12. First profit this month for these systems but the damage for the month and the season was done earlier this month for these systems.

Overall, a profit of 38.93pts from 278 bets. An ROI of 14%.

I’d be amazed if anyone has made a 14% ROI over the last week. If they have, they’ve set their portfolio up wrong this season (although, wrong is the new right this season of course!).

I’ll be back with the monthly review on the next post. 

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