Thursday, 5 February 2015

Results for last weekend to close off January

Before I get on with looking at the January monthly review, a quick update on the last set of results for January.

Unfortunately, my comments in the previous posts about the likelihood of a loss occurring did in fact come true again. We all know there is no correlation between what happens with our previous results and what happens next but all I know is that after 5 years of playing this game, when my own P&L reaches a new peak, I tend to suffer a correction. It’s like a game of snakes and ladders and anytime I hit a big ladder, I always hit a snake soon after. I’ve sort of got used to it now but it still annoys me when it happens!

As always, we need to look longer term and although it wasn’t a great weekend, the month wasn’t too bad and the season looks a bit better than it did at the end of December.  Will pick this up in the monthly review post.

Here’s the results up to the end of January (I’ll keep Sunday and Monday’s results until the first results update for February).

Est Systems

A loss of 13.18pts from 56 bets. System 21 took a massive hit here with only 4 winners from 18 bets.

New Systems

A loss of 22.7pts from 77 bets. System 31 took a bit hit on Saturday with only 3 winners from 21 bets.

Misc Systems

Only 7 winners from 45 system bets and a loss of 26.69pts. 0 from 9 on system 21-31 and 0 from 8 on system 6-21-31.

Draw Systems

Only 7 winners from 50 system bets here and a loss of 26.35pts. Only 1 winner from 9 on algorithm 1 unfortunately.

Euro Systems

Only 8 winners from 63 bets and a loss of 45.1pts. 1 winner from 10 on the first algorithm and 1 winner from 11 on the second algorithm.

Euro Draw Systems

Only 9 winners from 39 bets and a loss of 7.6pts.

6 sets of systems, covering 11 leagues, Homes, Aways & Draws and all 6 sets had a nightmare on Saturday.

I saw plenty of tweets with pictures of P&Ls for January where the P&L fell off a cliff on Saturday and seeing the results above, you can see why.

Overall, a loss of 141.62pt from 330 bets. An ROI of -42.9%! OUCH!!!!!

Well, that brings January to a close. Next post in a day or so will cover the monthly review.

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