Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Recent Results Update

I signed off the last results update by saying that I would be amazed if the systems managed to retain the profits they achieved in the first half of the month. Well, the systems have even more of a buffer now as they have had another good week or so and if the month finished today, it would be the best month the systems and service has had in the 5 seasons to date so far. Not the best month the UK systems have had in isolation but given how good the Euro systems have done as well, it makes it the best month ever (touch wood it stays that way!).

For me personally, this is currently my 3rd best month since I started online betting in terms of £ won and 2nd best month ever in terms of ROI. Still got a weekend left to come which will mean another swing up or down I’m sure but to say I needed a month like this after the start of the season is no understatement. It wasn’t the fact I was losing money (I wasn’t), it was the fact I couldn’t get any momentum going at all and treading water was becoming the norm. As strange as it sounds, treading water isn’t great for the mental side of things for me as it feels like I’m doing a helluva lot of work for nothing. At least when I’m losing money hand over fist, it feels like it’s part of the game. Breaking even over a long period is quite boring!

I remember saying this a few times earlier this season but I thought my ratings and systems were doing well to not lose money given the underlying results and short-term trends for the first few months. It’s always difficult at times to say stuff like this as some people think I’m just papering over the cracks and the edge I had is gone and we’re all about to sink but I never thought this. I was confident we just needed to keep doing what we do and we’d turn things around (always have done before!) and it’s nice it has happened this month. 

Still a long way to go this season and of course, given how quickly things have turned, they could also turn back and a massive losing run could be around the corner (nothing ever surprises me now!) but I think it’s always easier losing money you’ve already won. This season has been the same as last season whereby it felt like we were never in front until after January and therefore, it does make the season seem tougher than it should be.

Here’s the results for the last week or so.

Est Systems

A profit of 36.76pts from 139 bets. Pleasing to see system 6-21 have a good update as it has lagged behind system 6 and 21 all season but has started to finally make some headway this month (as have a lot of systems!)

New Systems

A profit of 7.99pts from 165 bets. A disappointing update I think but given the profits already this month, I’ll never moan too about a small profit!

Misc Systems

A profit of 14.24pts from 101 bets.  Same story as most of the season where 21-31 and 6-21-31 have been doing well but the other 4 systems have struggled. Again, I’ll take the profit though and move on.

Draw Systems

A profit of 8.84pts from 68 bets. Slow going as it has been most of the season and they’ve not really had any momentum going at all this season but after an amazing season last season, maybe we’re seeing a bit of a correction.

Euro Systems

A profit of 16.8pts from 125 bets. Not a massive profit but it continues to build on the returns from earlier this month.

Euro Draw Systems

A profit of 13.6pts from 172 bets. Not the greatest of profits but continues to slowly clawback earlier losses this season.

Overall, a profit of 98.23pts from 770. An ROI of 12.76%. All 6 sets of systems made a profit again!

After a 400pt profit in the first half of the month, to follow up with another big profit is a little bit of a surprise. I can’t recall too many months like this. I’ll say it again (hopefully works like last time!) but the next update is likely to be a losing update! 

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