Monday, 20 May 2013

Final results update to close the season

This is a quick update of the last two weekends of the season. An unbelievable end to the season for the Euro systems where they have struggled to hit a winner for a number of weeks, never mind make a profit! Literally hundreds of points have been lost on these systems but it backs up what I’ve been saying all season about not believing the systems were much good. I didn’t quite realise how bad they were but it’s a combination of the systems having no edge and a little bit of bad luck and combine these two things together and it’s not going to be pretty! The UK systems ended the season in appalling form too.

Anyway, I’ll save my summary for the monthly report and the season end reviews.

Est Systems

8 bets, 7 losers and 1 draw. A loss of 8pts from 8 bets.

New Systems

1 winner from the last 25 bets of the season on these systems. Amazing really and a loss of 21.50pts.

Misc Systems

7 bets, 6 losers and 1 draw. A loss of 7pts from 7 bets.

Under/Over Systems

2 winners from 6 and a loss of 1.63pts.

Euro Systems

Another truly abysmal performance from these systems and it’s easy to forget that at one stage, they were in profit by a long way! A loss of 92.7pts from 205 bets.

Overall, a loss of 130.83pts from 251 bets.

That brings the updates to a close for this season! Next post should be a short monthly review and then we can get on with looking back at the season to date.

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