Thursday, 18 September 2014

Midweek Results Update

A very quick post with the midweek results. Wanted to get these out the way as we have a very busy weekend coming up and I had some spare time tonight.

Another poor update really and it was a tough midweek. A little early to start discussing underlying results but so far, it has been very difficult if backing Aways or Draws. The strike rates are lower than expected but the sample size is tiny. Last season, September saw a massive home bias with a massive loss for Aways and Draws. So far, history is repeating itself but on the plus side, we’ve not dug ourselves into as big a hole as last September (yet!).

I think the most interesting thing so far has been the fact that even though my rating algorithms have struggled, the systems have seemed to do OK. That comment excludes the Draw systems of course! 1 winner in 45 bets so far does feel a bit like déjà vu from last season.

Hopefully things pick up this weekend.

Est Systems – 8.53pts profit from 80 bets.

New Sysems – 4.26pts loss from 72 bets

Misc Systems – 11.64pts profit from 35 bets

Draw Systems – 22.52pts loss from 26 bets

Overall, a 6.61pts loss from 213 bets. 

Star of the season so far? TOX. 5 winners from 8.

Disappointments of the season so far? 6-21 (4 from 18), 31-41 (5 from 19) & D1-D6 (0 from 4).

Let’s see what happens this weekend……

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