Saturday, 7 September 2013

Good to be back.....

It’s the first weekend of September, so we all know what that means….yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back on our TV screens. Oh yeah, I’m back blogging the TFA results again too. ;)

It wasn’t my intention to be so quiet on the blog over the Summer but something had to give in my life and it was the blog unfortunately. After a 3rd great season last season, I took on another 35 members or so in the Summer and with another batch of new systems for next season, it was a very busy Summer helping everyone get up to speed for this upcoming season.

I don’t want to lay it on too thick but I spent a LOT of time doing admin this Summer and building Excel sheets with portfolios of systems for subscribers. I had a single weeks break over an 8 week spell and I was putting in 2-3 hours every night replying to emails and doing stuff in Excel. I know it was greatly appreciated by everyone I communicated with and no matter what happens this season, I don’t think I could have prepared everyone anyone better.

This season is a big season for my own betting too and I’m taking that next step on the ladder to hopefully someday being able to earn more from my betting annually as I can from my career. Long way away from this at the moment but this season is another step on the ladder for me, so it’s a big season for me personally. Last season was a great season for me betting wise and I’m reinvesting a chunk of my winnings from last season to grow my betting bank further, so the game is slightly more serious than it was before for me. We’ll see how I do!

I again have a system on Bet Advisor and I don’t think I can do much worse than last season on there, so we’ll see how that goes. I wrote a review of where it went wrong for me on Bet Advisor last season and it can be read here. In summary, the system was the worst system I had from all my systems last season which is Sod’s Law really but hoping I can do better this season. No one is following on Bet Advisor though as the system started with no results and most other tipsters on there have amazing records, so it will take a season of good results before I get anyone interested on Bet Advisor I think. We’ll see how I do!

Some of you may have seen this on Cassini’s blog but I have agreed to put a system into the FTL (Friendly Tipster League) that Cassini runs. Being honest, I don’t have too much to gain as it’s not like I need the publicity considering no one can join the service these days but I guess it’s another test (similar to Bet Advisor) where I’m curious to see how I compare to others.

I did come across like an arrogant pric* I suspect in some of the comments but given my record at building systems and getting them to work, based on the results of each person in the FTL last season, my system should dominate the league over the season as long as my ratings have a season like the last 3 seasons. Of course, if I have a poor season (I’m possibly due one!), then I will be made to look a little foolish but I’ll have bigger issues on my hands if my ratings have a poor season than caring where I finish in Cassini’s league!

Last but not least, one complaint I’ve had this Summer is that the service isn’t accessible to enough people. I’ve turned down a lot of subscribers (and a lot of subscription fees!) by not letting more people join. The service closed in July which meant many people missed out but quite simply, given the amount of help I give to subscribers, the more new members I have, the harder the work for me. If I took on any more this Summer, I would never have got around everyone and some would be starting the season and still waiting on help from me. In addition, the service has grown slowly as I want to ensure I never get to the stage where people can't achieve the recommended odds. 

One way around this is to allow people to buy a portfolio of system bets rather than just give them 53 systems of bets. I could just supply a list of bets to follow and people could follow them rather than me supplying thousands of bets each season and getting people to filter the bets to get their own portfolio. I’m running a test in the SBC forum where I’ve built 10 test portfolios, so it will be interesting to see how they do this season. It may open the door for more people to follow the bets in future and reduce my workload at the same time.

Anyway, that’s a brief update of why I vanished from the blog for a bit. Back now though and like the last 3 seasons, I’ll be using the blog to update the system results.

Today was the first day of bets and below are the results. In total, there were 55 system bets (including the 2 Under 2.5 bets). Overall, a loss of 1.3pts today.

I think today is a great example of how difficult it is going to be this season to keep track of results if purely reading the blog. A loss of 1.3pts isn’t really indicative of the results today and I would be amazed if too many people suffered a loss today. The Draw systems and Under system created the loss but I’d be pulling my hair out if people are following these systems rather than any of the other systems. Hence, I don’t think too many would have had a losing day today.  I had a nice start to the season myself which is always good news!  ;)

There are no midweek games, so next update will be after next weekend.  It’s good to be back, it’s like I’ve never been away. ….

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