Saturday, 28 September 2013

Results Update

Going to keep this update fairly short. No point in spending time discussing anything in depth when we have another set of bets today and then I’ll be in month end mode and turning my attention to the review of the month. Hence, I’ll keep any thoughts until the monthly review.

In summary, it has been another tough week and things show no sign of turning. Last Saturday was much better in terms of my ratings doing well but similar to the previous midweek, many of my teams lost late leads and the draw was a real pest last weekend. Midweek was a little better as there were two large bets and one of these managed to win but I’d have preferred the other team to win as it appeared on more systems.

Anyway, here’s the results update for last weekend and the midweek.

Est Systems

24 winners from 94 bets and another large loss of 21.26pts. The draw was a nuisance for these systems as you can see by the fact the AH0.5 return was a profit. We’ll see what happens this weekend but if these systems suffer another loss, likely to be the worst ever start to a season for these systems.

New Systems

57 winners from 178 bets which is slightly better than the systems have been doing recently! A loss of 10.53pts. The AH returns were all much the same and the draw hasn’t had the same impact on these systems as on the Est Systems. Similar to the Est Systems, a lot depends on what happens with the bets today in terms of whether or not this is the worst start these systems have suffered to a season.

Misc Systems

The really poor start to the season continues for these systems. Only 20 winners from 80 bets and a loss of 18.48pts. The draw impacted a little but all the AH returns were loss making, so it’s just a really poor set of results for these systems again. In terms of pts lost, this is likely to be the worst start to a season but Sep-11 still has a slightly worse ROI even though it was based on fewer bets, so all to play for going into today!

Draw Systems

These have really been shocking so far this season and I’ll give them today before I decide whether or not I personally stop betting on these. I know it’s too early to draw conclusions but I haven’t enjoyed placing these bets as I said on the last post, I’ve no confidence in the systems and even though I am only following 2 systems with low turnover, I’m starting to think I’d feel better just watching these this season.

8 winners from 57 games and a loss of 29.26pts.

Under/Over Systems

The stars of the show so far this season. OK, that’s not saying much given every system is loss making but another profit of 1.55pts here with 5 winners from 9. Currently on course for their best start to a season for 4 seasons! Of course, with so few bets, all profit could be lost today and they end up loss making this month but we’ll see what happens.

Overall, a loss of 78pts from 418 bets for this update. There are over 300 system bets today, so I could do with a profit on the day to try to get the season started as it really does feel like the season hasn’t started yet. Well, the season has started but my ratings haven’t started working yet!

Hopefully today is a little better. Next update will be from today’s games and then I’ll start trying to unpick the month in the monthly review. Should be an interesting review! 

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