Sunday 29 September 2013

Terrible Results Update

Another shocking day for the systems yesterday. Going to keep this update short again and save my thoughts for the monthly review. A shocking day for the Aways again and the systems have created a substantial loss on Aways this season so far. I’ve discussed before how these bets bring huge volatility with them due to the average odds but this has been a horrible start to the season for Aways. Homes have actually started OK this season.  If I wind the clock back 12 months, it was the complete opposite!

Here’s the results:

Est Systems

Only 13 winners from 72 bets and no winners on systems 6-22+. A loss of 35.75pts. Terrible.

New Systems

34 winners from 120 bets and a loss of 33.19pts. Terrible.

Misc Systems

19 winners from 62 bets. A loss of 15.06pts. Terrible.

Draw Systems

19 winners from 59 bets. A profit of 11.61pts. Terrible. Ah wait, that’s not terrible. First profit for these systems this season, that’s what’s terrible about it!

Under/Over Systems

Best systems this season continue to make small profits. A profit of 1.39pts from 7 bets. Have I ever said I hate these systems before? I hate them even more at the moment than I usually do. It’s like they are laughing at me as the other systems go towards trying to make me bankrupt!

Overall, another substantial loss for this update. 71pts lost from 320 bets. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Next post should be the monthly review. Going to take my time with it as there is a lot to look at I think.

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