Saturday, 2 November 2013

Results from last week of October

A quick update here as it’s that time again for the end of the month review and I’ll keep any detailed thoughts for then. Not been another great week for the service and I don’t ever recall the service getting discussed so much in the blogosphere or on Twitter! I guess it’s part and parcel of the game nowadays when you are so successful and then things take a turn for the worse unexpectedly but I’m hoping the systems return to something like the norm soon. If one more person quotes to me that these are meant to be ‘the No 1 football betting systems’, I think I’ll scream. :)

I guess what this season is showing me is that the past is no indication of the future. Maybe I need to make this clearer when people join the service as at the end of the day, I can’t explain why the systems are producing the results they are producing at the moment. I said this in my email on Thursday but it’s either the biggest variance I’ve suffered since I started betting on football or the substantial edge the systems had over the last few seasons (and earlier this calendar year) has vanished. I think it's variance but we'll see what the next few months hold. 

Here’s the latest results update.

Est Systems

Only 12 winners from 50 bets and a 13pt loss. The ratings did OK, the systems filtered out all the winning bets (for the umpteenth time this season!)

New Systems

23 winners from 72 bets with a loss of 6.15pts.

Misc Systems

A profit here amazingly. 14 winners from 40 bets and a profit of 5.32pts.

Draw Systems

A small loss of 2.40pts from 37 bets. Treading water at the moment these systems but that is enough to make them head and shoulders above the rest of the systems!

Euro Systems

 6pts profit from 106 bets. Only positive is the higher combined systems are doing OK at the moment, ratings, not so good.

Under-Over Systems

A profit of 0.2pts from 10 bets. 5 from 10 correct.

Overall, a poor end to a tough month and the service is really treading water at the moment. A loss of 10pts from 315 bets.

Next post should be the monthly review.  May be a couple of days before it appears on here. Lots to look at again.

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