Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Weekend Results

Before I get on with the results update from the weekend, a quick shout out for a fellow blogger and now also my favourite SBC columnist, Rowan Day. I’ve not figured out how to put a direct link to Rowan’s blog over at Gallops Live but I have it bookmarked on my iPhone and Rowan tends to update on Twitter when he’s updated a new post, so he’s worth following on Twitter. (@rowanday)  

Rowan has recently started a ‘practical punter’ column which he is writing for the SBC and it’s definitely worth a read. Rowan has been one of TFA’s biggest supporters since the beginning and a lot of my own betting philosophies follow the same idea as Rowan’s, so I always enjoy reading his musings.  He’s had a really tough season following TFA and so much so, he decided to take the plunge and ditch his portfolio of TFA systems to follow a single TFA system again and so far, it’s been the right decision. Long way to go before he recoups earlier losses this season but hopefully he can get paid for his patience this season and start afresh with some new ideas next season for following TFA.

Right, onto the weekend results. Another tough weekend and a lack of winners on most systems. I managed to make a small profit as the home bets did OK and I expect a weekend like that brought together the variance of returns from each subscriber so far this season.  What I mean by that is that anyone doing well before this weekend maybe struggled a little and those that were struggling so far this season probably had an OK weekend. The systems that have been performing well so far this season struggled and the systems that have underperforming did a little better. Still a massive variance between the returns of some systems though.

Overall, only a little better than a break-even weekend for all systems but the Draws were the standout systems again with a nice profit. Looking forward to looking back at the month the draw systems have had as it has been a steady accumulation of profits so far but still got the midweek fixtures tonight and the Saturday fixtures to come, so a lot can happen in a couple of sets of games with these systems!

Est Systems

31 winners from 86 bets and a profit of 3.49pts. System 21 was the issue here with a loss of 4.73pts from 22 bets. 6-22 was fortunate enough to hit the Stevenage winner at nice odds along with another winner.

New Systems

Only 34 winners from 135 bets and a sizable loss of 25.11pts. A real disappointing weekend for these systems and a step in the wrong direction after an OK start to the month. Both rating algorithms were loss making and that led to a fairly large loss on the systems overall.

Misc Systems

 22 winners from 80 bets and a loss of 4.41pts. The 3 STO systems made 0.5pts each but the other 3 systems lost a couple of points each.

Draw Systems

23 winners from 53 bets and a profit of 25.3pts. The bet that appeared on 11 systems won which gave the returns a boost again.  Been a decent month so far but as I said in the intro, a lot can still happen between now and the end of the month!

Euro Systems

A small profit of 4.4pts from 83 bets. I think with the vast majority of these bets now being home bets, the returns have been much more steady this season but it’s very early days. At various times last season, the Euro systems looked like they may had an edge but the returns weren’t great come season end.

Under-Over Systems

3 correct from 6 for a profit of 0.33pts.  Long way to go for these systems to recover losses this month!

Overall, a lot of bets for not a lot of profit. 4pts profit from 443 bets. A profit is a profit though!

There is a midweek card tonight and then we have Saturday’s games before we end the month. It’s always a pain when we have a month that ends on a Saturday as I like to track things by calendar month, so I’ll update all results to Saturday and then start work on the month end results. The Sunday/Monday results will fall into next month’s first update on performance. 

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