Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Results to finish off November

A very quick update of the results for the end of November. Wasn’t the best end to a month but given the first half of the month was OK, I’ll take it. At the very least, many systems had a winning month which means the monthly review will be slightly better reading! I’ll get on with the monthly review next but it will take a few days. Hopefully have it completed by the weekend.

Est Systems

A loss of 30.18pts from 92 bets. A really poor midweek last week followed by a disappointing weekend.

New Systems

A profit of 21.53pts from 185 bets. A poor midweek, poor Friday (Notts Forest) and then a really good Saturday.

Misc Systems

A 9.48pts loss from 71 bets. Poor midweek, better weekend.

Draw Systems

A profit of 10.24pts from 57 bets. Steady returns again.

Euro Systems

A loss of 10.8pts from 56 bets. No harm done but not the best weekend.

Under-Over Systems

A loss of 1.69pts from 8 bets. Just the usual really!

Overall, a loss of -20.38pts from 469 bets.  That completes the month of October. Next post will be the review of the month. 

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