Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nope.....this is the worst results update ever!

I’m going to keep this update very short. I’ll be writing the monthly review early next week after the weekend results and therefore, I’m not going to post too many thoughts here. Let’s just say that if the last results update was my worst ever results update, things have got much worse. Since my own portfolio P&L peaked on 1st of March, I’ve lost a helluva lot since then. My worst ever drawdown and the fact it has happened in the space of 4 weeks is quite incredible but as I’ve said lots of times on the blog, your worst drawdown is always in front of you. Didn’t expect it to happen so quickly though. My previous largest drawdown was spread over months rather than days!

Anyway, here’s the system results update. It’s not pretty. :(

Est Systems

Only 29 winners from 123 bets. A loss of 26.30pts.

New Systems

Another 100pt loss for the second half of the month on these systems. Unbelievable really. Only 43 winners from 231 bets and a loss of 104.28pts.  Ouch!

Misc Systems

Only 21 winners from 116 bets. A loss of 46.90pts. STOZ is on a new historic drawdown which is a little crazy considering all of the picks on STOZ appear on system 31 too! Hence, it sort of sums up  how unbelievable this season has been.

Draw Systems

Only 24 draws from 164 bets. Sums this month up that even the best performing systems this season can’t find many winners! A loss of 84.91pts from 164 bets. Ouch!

Euro Systems

56 winners from 143 bets. A profit of 56.8pts.

Under/Over Systems

A loss of 0.61pts from 7 bets.

Overall, a loss of 206.2pts from 784 bets. An ROI of -26.3%!

Well, as I said above, the last update wasn’t the worst ever, this is.

There are 290 system bets this weekend. Given the systems are nearly 400pts down this month, this month is likely to smash every record I have for any monthly results for my systems going back to 2006! The fact this month has happened during a season that was already very tricky just makes the season a disaster. After 3 amazingly good seasons, it’s a shame we’re suffering an amazingly bad season but as I keep trying to tell myself, think long-term. Much easier said than done……..

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