Monday, 7 April 2014

Final results update for March

Going to keep this really short. I almost forgot about doing a post with these results as I started on the monthly review! The monthly review is written though and I’ll post it after this post. I know no one would mind me skipping a results post as all the results are in the monthly review but I like the fact that every single live result is on the blog for people to see.

Thankfully, the end to March was better than the rest of the month and it reduced the losses slightly. Saying that, March still smashed all records I have, so you can read about this in the monthly review.

Est Systems

24 winners from 42 bets and a profit of 26.47pts.

New Systems

A loss of 2.22pts from 74 bets. Another losing day for these systems in March. Every day bar two were losing days!

Misc Systems

22 winners from 44 bets although STOZ again disappointed. 20.64pts profit.

Draw Systems

26 winners from 63 bets and a good end to a difficult month for these systems. A profit of 26.49pts.

Euro Systems

 20.1pts profit from 63 bets.

Under-Over Systems

 2 winners from 4 bets for a profit of 0.2pts.

Overall, a profit of 91.68pts from 290 bets. A nice way to end the worst month I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately, even with these results, it doesn’t change the fact that March was a disaster across the board.

Next post will be the monthly review.

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