Thursday, 15 May 2014

May 2014 Monthly Review

Going to keep this May monthly update very short for a change! I’m not sure what happened in May as a whole is too relevant to the season but I always do a monthly review, so I’ll keep the tradition going.

An OK month as a whole although with so few bets, it’s always in the lap of the Gods if a profit is made or not in each May I think. For the 4th season in a row, May was a profitable month from a small number of bets though, so I'll take it.  :)

Est Systems

Both rating algorithms had a decent month with profits. Algorithm one made a profit of 3.2pts from 17 bets. Algorithm two made a profit of 3.1pts from 14pts.

This translated into a profit of ONLY 4.5pts from 60 bets for the established systems!  Systems 7 and 8 were the culprit again and managed to post losses even though system 6 was profitable. Disappointing.

New Systems

The 3rd rating algorithm lost 3.3pts from 21 bets whereas algorithm 4 made a profit of 10.1pts from 28 bets. Can count on one hand the number of times system 41 beats system 31 over a month.

The combined systems were dragged down by the 3rd algorithm and it was a loss of 4.5pts overall from 117 bets this month. Not a disaster but wipes out the 4.5pts profit on the Est Systems!

Misc Systems

The 3 SG systems made a profit of 8.8pts from 22 bets and the other 3 systems lost 7.7pts from 32 bets. Overall, 1.1pts profit from 54 bets. A bit of an uneventful month really.

Draw Systems

24 winners from 83 bets and a profit of 2.1pts. Woohoo. 2.1pts profit. Steve’s system lost 2pts from 2 bets this month. He really is a jinx!

Euro Systems

Finally, some profits to note this month. A profit of 29.5pts from 116 bets. A really good end to the month for these systems to round off a decent enough season. It would have been easy to give up after last season’s performance but I’m sort of glad I continued with trying to find an edge in these Euro leagues. Not really sure I buy into the profits completely this season as it’s been a strange season in these leagues with a lower draw strike rate but then again, the draw strike rate caused the issue last season with the older Euro ratings. A profit is a profit over a season though and hopefully they can build on it next season.

Overall, a solid month with a profit of 32.7pts from 408 bets. An ROI of 8%.

A short review to end the season but this is more a case of ticking a box and saying I’ve reviewed May! Next steps I guess are to start to look at the season as a whole…….

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