Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May results so far......

Going to keep this results update fairly short. I always think May is a slightly strange month for the systems in the sense there are very few bets and ultimately, whether or not a profit is achieved this month is down to a great deal of luck. I’m much more comfortable when there are thousands of bets in a month rather than hundreds but May is always a quiet month.

As it happens, the weekend past wasn’t too bad and a small profit was achieved. We now have one set of fixtures left this weekend and then that’s the TFA season wrapped up for another season. Can’t really believe this is the 4th season I’ve been betting on footie but boy, has it felt like a long season! I guess when you start off with the sort of start I had this season, it’s always going to be an uphill struggle but I’m looking forward to a little break away from updating ratings and results! :)

Here’s the results from the weekend.

Est Systems

A profit of 13.53pts from 51 bets. Doesn’t look bad until you see the filtering of the systems and their results! Both algorithms had a good weekend as did system 6-21 but was downhill after that. Story of the season really for these systems!

New Systems

A profit of 5.37pts from 96 bets. Algorithm 4 had a great weekend with system 41 making 8.83pts from 22 bets (and system 42 making 3.46pts from 9 bets) but apart from this, it was a poor weekend really.

Misc Systems

A profit of 9.12pts from 46 bets. This makes a change but the SGM systems had a great weekend making 11.8pts from 19 bets. Could do with a good end to the season for theses systems.

Draw Systems

A profit of 7.11pts from 78 bets. Would take this return every 78 bets. :)

Euro Systems

0.7pts profit from 57 bets.

Overall, a profit of 35.83pts from 328 bets. An ROI of 10.9%.

A solid start to the month of May for most systems although as always, depending on what systems you follow, it could look a little different.

Let’s see how this weekend goes as we end the season. 

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