Friday, 10 June 2011

A few final answers.....

As discussed last night, I was conscious that there were some outstanding questions from a post I wrote before to try to answer any questions people had asked me about the systems for next season. The questions are here and the answers to some of the questions are here
From what I can make out, the questions I have left to answer are:

Q). What betting bank does each system need for next season? What are the drawdowns for each system? Can I graph the drawdowns for DNB? Can I compare the volatility of DNB with backing the teams to win?

You can find the answer to this either here or here for the new systems next season
Obviously, when I was writing my review of the systems from last season or writing a preview of the new systems for this season, I had these questions somewhere in my head! Hence, the answers are already on here.

There was also a question that appeared a little bit later on.....

Q). Can I create a system which is for Home Bets only and has a high strike rate and a 10% return historically?

Well, I'm not going to create a system for this specifically as if someone is only wanting to follow home bets on a system, all the details are included on the blog as I always show the results split between home and away bets.

I can see that backing home bets on system 6-21 has produced a return of 28.9% and a strike rate of 67% over 5 seasons. Last season when the system was live and proofed, it made 11.7pts from 69 bets with a strike rate of 62.3%.

System 7-22 has produced a profit of 41% across 5 seasons with a strike rate of 70%. Last season when the system was live and proofed, it made a profit of 8.9pts and an ROI of 36.9% with a strike rate of 70.8%.

I could go on and show all the other systems and records for home bets only but simply, all the results are on the blog and are easily accessible. If you click on a picture and then click on it to enlarge it, you can see all this easily.

If people have any questions or would like to ask about betting banks for a particular system (i.e. home bets only), I'll happily pull together the historical results and check the drawdowns etc.

Overall then, I think that means I've answered all the outstanding questions I had on the blog (excluding questions about plans for next season!). If anyone does want me to answer any other questions or look at something for them, then please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

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