Monday, 6 June 2011

The Final Systems for 2011/12 (I hope!)

This will be my last post before I take a wee break. Had a few hours unexpectedly tonight, so thought I’d use the time wisely!

As discussed on my recent post, my last task this summer is to look at the systems and try to create another couple of systems that may be worth following going forward.

People might wait their whole life for a winning system but at the moment, I seem to have them coming out of my ears…..

Anyway, I’ve looked at the possible combinations of systems and simply analysed the number of bets and profit generated across the last 5 seasons. The results are below.

I’m trying to work this through in my head but I’ve got 11 systems that have 2 season’s fully backtested results and one live season of results from last season.

I’ve also got 3 new systems (31-33) that will be trialled from next season.

That means I’ve got 14 systems in total. As well as recording all the results, I need to find all the bets each week and record odds etc. as well as place all my own bets.

I’m trying to work out just how many systems I will be able to track as I would hate to think I’m taking on too much here.

I think I can manage another 3 systems and ideally, I’d want one system to be with rating algorithm 1 and 3, one system to be with rating algorithm 2 and 3 and one system with rating algorithms 1,2 & 3.

Looking at the table of results, I have settled on 3 final systems to meet my requirements. At the end of the day, I can’t follow every combination of bets!

The final 3 systems will be 6-32, 21-31 and 6-21-31.

I’ll need to go away and pull together all the results and stats for all 3 systems and add them to the other 3 systems we are tracking this season.

Another advantage of using these 3 systems is that they include my weakest systems from last season 6 and 21, so anyone who is following my main systems this season shouldn’t be affected too much if I post these bets in the SBC forum next season.

Once these 3 systems are built and I have all the results, I’ll share them on here and that means we are ready to go to war for next season.

After that, I’ll go over some ground rules about how these systems work and any advice I can give anyone who fancies following these systems next season. I learnt a lot last season along with some others, so I have plenty of advice to give!

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