Saturday, 21 January 2012

11th profitable month from 14 live months

I obviously don’t have time to write a monthly review for January before I stop for a few weeks, I can’t help but post the monthly results for January. :)

I’ll write a detailed review when I’m back but in summary, it ended up a good month for the established systems overall and a great month for the new systems. Considering I was slagging off the new systems only 3 weeks ago, it has been a great comeback by these systems.

The established systems made a profit of 49pts for H/A betting (19.2pts for DNB) from 294 bets. Not the best month but considering how it looked before this weekend, it is great to have another profitable month.

The new systems excelled themselves this month with a profit of 85.9pts for H/A betting (44.8pts for DNB) from 288 bets. This is the best month these systems have had since Mar-11 (which was backtested), so the best results for these systems since they went live this season.

Overall, after today, January has turned out to be a decent month. My own portfolio has had a good month thanks to the newer systems if I’m honest, so I feel a little bad about giving them such a hard time a short while ago.

This is an amazing stat I think but 19 of the 20 systems are now in profit this season. The only system not in profit is system STOZ and it is only 1.5pts down after this weekend.

I’ll do the full monthly review when I’m back from my mid season break.

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