Saturday, 21 January 2012

No time for an acceptance speech.....

My last post before I leave the blog for two weeks……

I noticed the post tonight on the excellent ‘The Market Examiner’ blog that Sam’s service had won a couple of awards in the Secret Betting Club 2011 tipster awards. Well done Sam! :)

Due to everything else going on this week with getting ready for going away, I’ve not had a chance to read the latest SBC magazine edition yet although I’d downloaded it earlier this week.

Anyway, I flicked through it tonight and I noticed that I’ve won an award too. :) Well, I say I but it is actually the systems. I just manage them.

I’ve won the bronze award in the category ‘Best Overall Sports Tipster of 2011 (Open to New Members)’

I feel slightly unfortunate in the sense that the calendar year 2011 wasn’t a great year for the systems if I’m honest (6.1% over the year) but I think if you look at the end of 2010 too, then I think it’s a fair award.

Here’s an update of my overall results that have been proofed by the SBC since the systems went live.

263pts profit across 1,596 bets to date at an ROI of 16.5%. If covering the draw, the profit is 186pts and an ROI of 11.7%.

I’ll be back in two weeks.


  1. Well done, Graeme. Much deserved. Have a good holiday. Kind regards,


  2. Thanks for the mention Graeme and very well done on the award, and yesterday's results!

    Have a great break.


  3. well done,and thanks for your good service.

  4. A well deserved break, enjoy.
    One thing I've noticed, your bets are coming up as January 2011 not 2012.

  5. Great stuff Graeme, all recognition fully deserved.


  6. What's the Secret Betting Club?

  7. Any plans for next season yet?Are you going mainstream or staying relatively below the radar?

  8. Hi Jason.

    Thanks for the comment. Had an amazing holiday mate and slowly trying to get up to speed today with the footie results in my absence so I can get the bets out tomorrow night as usual for this weekend.

    Cheers Sam. Really enjoyed the break away from the footie but looking forward to getting on with this weekend again and hopefully keeping the results going.

    Thanks Fabian.

    Cheers Dartguru. Yeah, the 2011 was just my own fault for not updating my spreadsheet. It was OK in the results sheet though. Will be fixed from this weekend. Hopefully no one was looking for last year’s games. ;)

    Cheers Blackjack.

    Molly, I don’t fancy writing a big post on the SBC as you can read about them on the internet. There is a good post on another blog from last year that is worth reading mate.

    There are also follow up posts worth reading.

    Anonymous, not sure what you mean. I’m hardly below the radar considering I’m being tracked by the SBC and proofed by them. Don’t want to discuss next season until we’re nearer the end of this season mate as a lot can change between now and the end of the season.

    Thanks to everyone for the comments.