Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quiet Midweek

A decent enough set of results in midweek overall although there were very few systems in action.

A quick rundown of the results:

Established systems – 1 winner from 5 bets for a loss of 1.40pts. A single loser on the combined system 6-21 unfortunately as Southport could only draw.

New systems – 10 winners from 17 bets providing a decent profit of 15.60pts. Dartford are fast becoming one of my favourite teams in the Bsq Prem and they managed to win again. They do seem to be consistently underrated by the bookmakers this season.

Misc systems – 2 winners from 6 for a small 0.52pts profit.

Under/Over systems – 2 losers again on the Under system for -2pts.  The Under system seems a little erratic if I look at the results recently. It hit 10 from 11 correct during April-12 and then finished the season with 1 correct from 11 and has started this season with 2 winners and then 6 straight losers. The last 6 losers has seen 27 goals scored which makes me chuckle considering it is aiming for under 2.5 goals! 5 of the last 6 games were in the Bsq Prem and the league had 9 Overs from 12 games last weekend and another 8 from 10 Overs in last night’s games. Trying to find Unders at the moment in that league seems quite difficult!

Overall, another 30 systems bets have produced a profit of 12.7pts. Once we get this weekend out of the way, I’ll get back in the routine of doing monthly reviews and we can see how the season has started. So far, so good but this weekend will determine whether this month ends up being a profitable month or a losing month. The combined systems are going for their 9th profitable month in a row as well as a full calendar year of monthly profits (Sep-11 was the last losing month), so hopefully they can navigate this weekend without doing too much damage!

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