Monday, 10 September 2012

Results Update - 4th Sep & 8th Sep

Well, it feels like it has been a long time coming but finally, the blog is back in action.  It was never intentional to have such a long break away from the blog in the last few weeks but I probably said everything I needed to say on the blog very early on this Summer.  When I think back to the reviews of the systems and the development of the Euro systems, I wonder how I managed to find the time.  Actually, I was wondering where my Summer went the other day and now I remember…….

Anyway, the first system bets were released to subscribers for the Bsq Prem games last Tuesday and another set of bets were released for the weekend games in the Bsq Prem.  It’s always a slow start for my systems each season as I wait until 6 games are played to allow my ratings some time to settle down. It will be quiet this weekend again with only the Bsq Prem games taking place but from next midweek, we’ll have League One and League Two games included and soon after, the SPL and Championship join the party.  The Euro systems then follow soon after starting with the French league if I remember rightly.

As I said earlier this Summer, the blog is going to be used for the recording of the results this season, the same way it has been used for the last two seasons.  In addition to reporting the results of the systems, I’ll also be doing the usual monthly reviews and ad-hoc pieces of analysis and so on. I can’t guarantee that the blog will be as interesting as previously as I won’t be pasting up the bets before the games take place but hopefully some of you will continue to find the blog a decent read.  

So, onto the first two sets of games then and the results are shown below:

Established Systems – A great start last Tuesday with a 100% record. 19.35pts profit from 9 games.  Saturday wasn’t quite as good with only 1 winner in 11 games and a loss of 6.46pts.  Overall, 12.89pts profit from 20 games this season.

New Systems – A decent start last Tuesday with 11 winners from 21 bets. A profit of 11.76pts.  Saturday was also a struggle with only 2 winners in 10 games but they were decent odds and therefore, only a loss of 1.61pts was created. Overall, 10.15pts profit from 31 games this season.

Misc Systems – 3 from 3 last Tuesday with a profit of 5.64pts. 0 from 2 on Saturday for -2pts though. Overall, 3.64pts profit from 5 games this season.

Under/Over System – Just the one bet so far this season and it was a winner for the Over system at odds of 2.06.  A profit of 1.06pts from 1 game.

Euro Systems – No bets this season yet.

Overall, a tale of two different days so far this season. A good night on Tuesday was followed up by a disappointing day on Saturday. 56 bets this season so far and nice to be in profit but when you consider there are another 11,944 bets (or thereabouts) to come this season, I’m not sure the P&L above means too much. When all the leagues get in full swing, we’ll be looking at bets in the 100s each week, so it will soon swamp these returns stated above!

Next bets are on Saturday, so I’ll try to get back in the routine of posting regular results updates on the blog. Unlike the last two seasons, I’ll probably steer clear of posting results after every set of games and I’ll probably do it after every couple of sets of bets or when time allows. More of my time this season is going to be spent working on keeping the ratings up to date, so the results tracking isn’t as important to me this season.  There are only so many hours in the day!

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