Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekly Update - No Damage Done!

As the title suggests, not a lot has happened since the last update and importantly, as we tiptoe through the tricky first few weeks of the season, no damage has really been done which is a bonus after the start the systems had last season! 

It was a fairly busy week with a lot of bets as we had the League One and League Two cards during the midweek fixtures and then this weekend, all the UK leagues were live apart from the Premiership.  Since the last update, there have been 307 system bets, so how have things went?

Well, I think you can split the results into two sets of fixtures. The League One and Two fixtures during the week were absolutely brutal and from 9 different games, the systems found 1 winner, 1 draw and 7 losers! After this, I was a little apprehensive about the weekend matches, knowing that there would be a lot of system bets but thankfully, things went much better.

If we look at one set of systems at a time, here are the results below:

Established Systems – 36 winners from 97 bets and a profit of 4.39pts since the last update. Algorithm one has struggled on both sets of fixtures and losses were achieved by system 6 on both sets of fixtures. Thankfully, algorithm two performed better this weekend and system 21 came to the rescue.  Overall, not much damage done and you can never be disappointed with a small profit.  The combined systems have done OK and have made a profit of 6.83pts from 32 games, so another solid performance from these systems to keep a little momentum going this season.

New Systems – A nightmare midweek with 29pts bet and 29pts lost. A better weekend managed clawback some of the losses but overall, a small loss since the last update. Only 45 winners from 146 bets and a loss of 7.72pts.

Misc Systems – A similar story last midweek and 12pts bet, 12pts lost. A better weekend though and this has ensured a small profit has been achieved since the last update. 20 winners from 55 bets and a profit of 4.63pts.

Under/Over Systems – Unlike the rest of the systems, last midweek was fine with 2 from 2 winners but the weekend only saw 2 winners from 7 bets. Overall, 4 winners from 9 and a loss of 0.53pts overall since the last update.

Overall, from the 307 system bets in the last week, a profit of 0.77pts! Not exactly inspiring stuff but the key systems are doing OK and more importantly, the trends from the last two seasons remain apparent with the Home bets in particular on some of the systems continuing to look pretty decent from the small sample seen so far this season.

It will be a quiet midweek this week with only the Bsq Prem games but it will be another busy weekend I’m sure.

At the moment, it’s hard to find the time to do any sort of meaningful posts if I’m honest and with so few weeks of the season gone, any insight would be pretty limited also.  I think the first analysis point will be at the end of the month when I can look back on the first month and see how the season has started. That will be after the weekend games. 

I'll be back with an update either later this week or after next weekend.

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  1. Hi, it's still a profit after all.

    I've re-evaluated my long term aims and small weekly percentage profits is what I'm looking to achieve now.

    I've had enough losing weeks over the years, so a few low profit winning weeks will do for me these days.