Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekend Results Update

Another set of fixtures completed and similar to the first couple of sets, the only league where my systems could have any qualifying bets was in the Bsq Prem. I was slightly apprehensive this Summer about the way the early fixtures would fall with the other UK leagues starting later. Last season, my ratings for the Bsq Prem were terrible in the first 4-5 games and it contributed to a substantial loss in September last year. Therefore, knowing the first 3 sets of fixtures would only cover the Bsq Prem, it was fingers crossed my ratings would start better.

Thankfully, it has been an OK start and I’ve managed to avoid any disasters I think. My ratings have actually been slightly better than the results they’ve achieved if I’m being honest. A few selections have either played poorly when I backed them and bounced back next time (Dartford yesterday) or played great when I selected against them and then played poorly next time (Gateshead yesterday).  It’s hard to believe Dartford lost so badly to Gateshead in midweek when I was on Dartford and I was slightly miffed that I missed Tamworth yesterday against Gateshead but the Gateshead defeat of Dartford (who were the form team in the league) meant that their rating received a considerable boost after midweek. Take away that midweek game and I’d have had Tamworth at 5/1 against Gateshead yesterday.

It’s these little twists and turns with ratings that 99.9% of people following can’t appreciate I think as they don’t see the ratings as closely as I do. If the Dartford v Gateshead game hadn’t taken place in midweek, Dartford would have been a 7-22 Home bet yesterday and we’d have caught Tamworth against Gateshead too yesterday at big odds. Thin lines at times between success and failure at this game.

Saying all of the above, yesterday wasn’t a bad day at all. I said in the email on Thursday that Woking were the best bet this weekend and they didn’t let me down. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much else right and it was a pretty tough day in the Bsq Prem I think.  5 of the 12 games were draws which ultimately makes it a difficult day to make much profit at all.

Here are the results:

Established systems – A good day I think overall, given what I have said above.  16 winners from 37 selections and a profit of 10.7pts overall. Always nice when the systems 7-21 to 8-22 do well as I know these are followed by many subscribers in one way or another.

New systems – A more difficult day for these systems and only 13 winners from 47 selections. A loss of 6.80pts.  The draw played a part here as you can see by the fact that AH0.5 was profitable overall for these systems.

Misc Systems – A similar story here where the draw played a big part. Only 8 from 24 correct which equates to a profit of 0.2pts overall but AH0.5 was a profit of 6.20pts.

Under/Over system – Just the one bet here but it was a winner. A profit of 1.05pts for the Under system.  2 from 2 this season so far but very early days.

Another 109 bets and another small profit eeked out but as I said on the last post, when the other leagues get started, the ups and downs will be much greater than we are seeing at the moment! This feels like the calm before the storm I think.

There is a full midweek card for League One and League Two this midweek, so we’ll have the first system bets in these leagues tomorrow evening. It will be a nice change to be backing teams in other leagues other than the Bsq Prem!

I’ll be back later this week with an update of how the midweek bets perform. 


  1. In my debut season and you've provided me with 55% ROI so far - I'd say that's a pretty good start!(note to self - remember it's a marathon not a sprint)


  2. If only the season stopped now Paul! ;)

    You’re probably not 1% through the number of bets you’ll have yet, so the 55% ROI isn’t worth much.

    Keep your feet on the ground and stick to the plan you’ve set out this season.

    I tend to split the season into months as you will have seen on the blog and we’re only half way through the first of these, so I’ll take stock of the performance in a couple of weeks and look back at how the season has started.

    So far, so good though!