Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pile of pooh!

I’ve just spent the last 4 hours updating the results spreadsheets, updating the ratings after the weekend games, updating my betting sheets and basically, I think the title of this post sums up my feelings at the present moment.

My ratings appear to have turned to a pile of shit overnight and ultimately, some of the recent selections and the results have been embarrassing.

I’ve let off steam a few times before on the blog during bad spells and no doubt people will read this who are following the systems and tut to themselves but at the end of the day, I don’t like losing money and I’m a terrible loser. I’m probably the worst loser I know of when it comes to gambling and therefore, I don’t tend to lose money over a decent period of time but these systems are really getting on my nerves.  The weaker bets are generally doing OK but the bigger value UK bets are killing me and many others I suspect.

The highest value bets aren’t winning and it is as easy as that. The selections are shortening in price as I would expect as I’m finding decent value on these bets, others are clearly backing the same selections and yet, they just aren’t winning.

Can’t really be arsed going through the results by each set of systems as I’m tired and pis*ed off but the overall results so far in 2013 are:

A loss of 15.27pts from 122 bets on the Est Systems
A loss of 0.24pts from 144 bets on the New Systems
A loss of 19.94pts from 66 bets on the Misc Systems
A loss of 2.95pts from 16 bets on the Under/Over Systems
A profit of 16.3pts from 48 bets on the Euro Systems

Overall, 396 bets and a loss of 22.1pts. Doesn’t seem like that big a loss but unfortunately for me, the Misc Systems and Est Systems make up most of my portfolio, so my loss so far in 2013 is bigger than 22.1pts.

Now, the Euro systems look OK clearly but you know what, I’m pissed off with these systems too. System E7 had 6 bets and managed 5 winners. In a usual weekend, I’d be rubbing my hands with glee thinking about the profits that the combined systems would make when this happens but unfortunately for me, systems E1-E3 even manage to mess this up and filter out most of the winners on system E7. Only one bet made it onto E2-E7 to E3-E7 and of course, it was a last minute winner but ffs, E1-E7 had 4 winners from 5 bets. Trust E2-E7 to decide to filter all the bets out!

PS. Probably never a good idea for me to write a results post after a maximum loss yet again tonight on a team but sometimes, just sometimes, you need to let off some steam. 

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