Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Proud but embarrassed.....

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to be surprised at the fact the service managed to obtain 3 awards (from the 3 categories I was competing in) at the annual SBC tipster awards for 2012. You can take this as my acceptance speech……

If I’m being honest, I’m actually embarrassed to be honoured for the performance of my systems when they are currently going through the toughest spell in their 3 season history. Timing is everything in life and when I saw the SBC had opened the voting a wee while back, I was sort of resigned to the fact that given the performance during the 2012/13 season so far, no one would dream of voting for the service in any of the categories. Knowing some of the competition in each category, I thought if I got top 3 in any category, I’d be doing well!

Now that I’ve seen the results, I’m cringing a little at the fact that some people who have joined the service this season must be thinking WTF is going on here! The fact I obtained 2nd place in the ‘Best Overall Tipster’ category is slightly astounding for me given how tough a season it has been but then again, I would imagine the criteria people vote on goes beyond simply looking at the results for the last few months.

Finishing 2nd in the ‘Best Football Tipster’ category was also a great achievement and having seen the results the winner has had in 2012, I think finishing 2nd to such a great service is very humbling. The final award for finishing 3rd in the ‘Best Sports Betting Tipster’ category is also amazing and to finish in the top 3 in all 3 categories the service qualified for is amazing.

To try to understand the results a little, I’ve pulled together a quick table to summarise the results by system for 2012 calendar year. This obviously includes the second half of last season and the first half of this season. I know no one really cares about a calendar year of results (or at least, I don’t!) but given the awards are for 2012 year, I think these results probably paint a fair reflection of the service in 2012.

At a high level, I have proofed 9,063 bets during 2012. I’ll be amazed if any service in the market has proofed more bets during 2012 but then again, it’s about the results and not about the number of bets!

In total, there has been a profit of 781.4pts which is an ROI of 8.6%. Pretty good at a total level I think but similar to when I reviewed the season to date results at the start of this month, when you start to look at the results by system, there have been a lot of disappointing performances during 2012.  From 41 live systems during 2012, 7 have been loss making although the largest loss was only 5.2pts on any one system.

I can easily pick out system 7-22 as being the worst performing system during 2012.  A 7% loss across 73 bets in 2012 isn’t a great return for a calendar year! Very disappointing and there appears to be no end to the current downturn on this system based on the recent results too.

At the other end of the scale, the star performers would be the New systems which went live for the 2012/13 season and of course, the Misc Systems stand out as being star performers. They finished last season well and have done very well during the first half of this season.

I think looking at these results, it’s maybe easier to see why the systems picked up some of the awards for 2012 but I still feel quite down about the current performance at the moment.  Going into the season, I’m not sure there was a service that could get anywhere near my results for the last two seasons but for whatever reason, it just hasn’t happened this season.

I’m trying my best to not be too overdramatic in emails to subscribers about how tough I’m finding this season but compared to the first two seasons, this season is proving very tough. As well as being physically draining (updating and monitoring 41 systems is a lot of work!), the ups and downs this season have been mentally draining. 

I’m trying my best to not look too far ahead but I suspect the next few months of this season will determine what happens after this season. At this present moment, the thought of going through all of this for another season isn’t exactly an appealing thought but then again, a good few months of profits and I’m sure my attitude may change.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted for the service in the various categories and I really hope the systems can repay these votes over the rest of this season and hopefully, over the next few seasons.

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