Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Unbelievable Results Update

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t have enough time to do this post any justice. Updating ratings tonight for all UK and Euro leagues and updating the weekend/midweek results has taken up all my time. In addition, rather than discuss the results, I want to spend time pulling together a quick table of the betting bank for each system and the season P&L so we can see how far some systems have to go before busting their bank.  I’ll post it on the blog later. Keeping perspective at the moment is difficult, so standing back and taking stock is never a bad idea.  We are close to the month end again anyway, so I will hopefully get us there in one piece although I expect  some will bow out if this weekend goes poorly.

So, I’ll keep this short but it isn’t  very sweet I’m afraid.

Est Systems

Pushing the statistical boundaries here for how bad these results are but it’s the same on most systems at the moment. I didn’t think it was possible to hit as many losers as this!

9 winners from 123 system bets and an 87.82pts loss. Unbelievable really.

New Systems

Strike rate a little better here but the wins have been coming with Home bets and not Away bets, so the P&L isn’t any better. 32 winners from 188 bets for a loss of 80.64pts. Unbelievable!

Misc Systems

Wow, 9 winners from 126 system bets for a 78.58pts loss. P&L is held up by the fact the winner s were a decent price. Unbelievable loss though.

Draw Systems

Quite ironic that these are now the best performing systems this season. From last to first in a few weeks. Sums up how crazy this season is for the systems. 12.4pts profit from 60 bets. Yes, a profit in a disaster of a week!

Under-Over Systems

These systems have lost the plot at the same time as my other systems. 2 winners from 10 for a 5.75pts loss. Last 18 Under games have an average of 3.88 goals. Last 13 Over games have an average of 2.15 goals. As I said, it’s a crazy season.

Euro Systems

First bets of the season but the first maximum bet lost a 1-0 lead to lose 2-1. Is like the UK systems all over again this season. Weekend was saved by a nice winner in Spain. Overall, 2.9pts profit from 31 bets.

Overall, 237.49pts lost from 538 bets. I’m setting plenty of records this season on the blog for worst results updates ever. That’s 3 records this season already!

Next update will be after the weekend. Hopefully I make it through the other side.

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