Monday, 6 October 2014

Final results for September....

A very quick post with the results from the final two set of fixtures in September. Another loss overall on the systems to finish off a disappointing first month for the systems this season.  I’ll get on with the monthly reviews after this post.

Est Systems

A loss of 1.95pts from 133 bets. I had a quick check and it was a 35pts loss on Aways and 33pts profit on Homes. Similar story to the rest of the month I think.

New Systems

A 21.99pts loss from 141 bets. 7 winners from 70 away bets and a loss of 50pts. A 28pt profit on Homes. Looking forward to seeing the size of the Aways losses for the month, feels like every update has been massive losses for Aways!

Misc Systems

A 7.17pts loss from 88 bets. 6 winners from 48 Away bets and a loss of 31pts. A profit of just over 23pts from Home bets.

Draw Systems

Another 24 system bets, 24 losers. I thought last September was a bad start for the Draw systems but this September has been worse!

Euro Systems

1 bet, 1 winner.  8 systems had this one, so a profit of 8.6pts.

Euro Draw Systems

5 winners from 11. A profit of 4.8pts.

 Overall, a loss of 41.71pts from 405 bets.  I think every post apart from the first post has been a losing update this month! Same old, same old when it comes to September I’m afraid.

The good news is, we’re in October now……….

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