Monday, 1 December 2014

Results Update

A quick update to round off the month’s results.

It was another tough weekend generally and I’m really pleased to see the back of November. I said the same at the end of September and October though, so that’s us 3 months into the season now and I think it’s proving to be a very tricky season.  As always, some people will be finding it more difficult than others but I think if you are in profit at the end of November, you are doing better than average.  Of course, some will be having a great season, some will be having a nightmare season but I think if you are break-even, you are in a pretty good place given the results.

I mentioned last time about how good the Euro draws did as there were a glut of draws which I thought was some form of correction for the results so far this season in the games I’ve rated. I keep having to add the sentence ‘in games I’ve rated’ as the first 6 games in each league were very good for draws but since I started playing, backing draws in these leagues has been a nightmare.

So far this weekend, there have been 37 Euro games I’ve rated and there has been 3 Draws. Clearly, anyone backing following Euro draw systems this weekend is going to take a hit. The ratings managed to find 2 of the 3 winners (1 on each algorithm) but as luck would have it, the other algorithm didn’t have them and it’s a massive hit again for these systems. The Combo systems didn’t find a winner.

It’s a bit of a shame that in their first season, the Euro draw systems are seeing very difficult trading conditions but as always, I’d rather this happened in their first season when few people are following or when people are following with small stakes than when people have started to follow these systems fully. 

Next post will be a quick update of the underlying results for the leagues and then the following post will be the monthly review. I also want to do a season review to date too since it’s been so tough this season and I think it’s important we draw a breath now we’re nearly 1/3 of the way through the season.

Est Systems

28 winners from 78 bets and a profit of 3.29pts. 

New Systems

 26 winners from 93 bets and a loss of 9.59pts.

Misc Systems

20 winners from 58 bets and a profit of 7.23pts. 

Draw Systems

Only 15 winners from 65 bets and a loss of 13.9pts.

Euro Systems

50 winners from 93 bets and a profit of 44.2pts. These systems benefited from the very low draw strike rate at the weekend but again, I’m disappointed they couldn’t benefit by even more than they did.

Euro Draw Systems

2 winners from 79 bets and a loss of 72.3pts. Carnage!

Overall, a loss of 41.07pts from 466 bets. The Euro systems were again the cause of the majority of the losses.

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