Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Example of Results for Next Season

Just a very quick post tonight. I thought it was a good question from Chris previously about how the bets would look for next season. I know it is pretty basic stuff but I personally would want to know how the bets would look before I decided if I was going to follow the bets or not.

If I go one step beyond that though, the next logical thought would be, how will the results be shown after each set of bets?

Well, if anyone followed the blog last season, you’ll know that I used a pivot table to show the results after each set of games. I don’t see any need to do anything different this season if I’m honest.

It’s always hard to know exactly what information anyone would want to see in the results. At the end of the day, we’re only interested in whether the bets won or lost but of course, next season, we’ll be tracking the profitability of DNB along with H/A, so it’s important I can show both returns for each game a system has picked.

After a fair bit of thought, I’m going to have two results tables for next season. I’ll have the systems that were proofed last season (the established systems) and I’ll have the systems that are new from this season. I don’t want the returns from these systems mixed up next season, so it’s important that I report back on them separately.

In terms of what the results will look like, here is the template that I will use. I think it captures everything I want to show for my results each week but if people want anything else added, give me a shout.

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