Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Disappointing weekend

A disappointing weekend for the systems overall I think but there were no disasters. I was surprised updating the results to see the New Systems managed to scrape a small profit at the weekend. They continue to perform well above expectations if I’m honest.

It’s still very early days and after this weekend, the New Systems have only had 388 bets so far this season which is next to nothing in terms of live bets. We’ll see what the next few months bring for these systems as it’s quite exciting how they have started the season but they wouldn’t be the first systems to start well and then do rubbish!

Here’s the rundown of results from the weekend:

Established Systems – Only 12 winners from 41 bets, so it would have been difficult to create a profit here.  A loss of 9.06pts.

New Systems – 17 winners from 53 bets resulted in a little profit. 10.79pts profit from 53 bets.

Misc Systems – Only 6 winners from 29 bets which resulted in a loss of 3.02pts. A nice winner on a few systems here at 4.33.

Under/Over Systems – 3 from 5 correct for a profit of 1.41pts. Stops the rot slightly but a long way to go before I have any faith in these systems this season!

Overall, a profit of 0.12pts from 128 bets this weekend. Not the best weekend by any means but then again, for a disappointing weekend, it’s not bad. I expect we’ll have much worse weekends this season!

Be back next week with an update of how this weekend goes.

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