Thursday, 11 October 2012

Steady start to October

This update covers the midweek games from last week and the weekend games. There were no midweek bets this week.

The last midweek was a decent midweek for the systems but the weekend past wasn’t great. The Euro systems finally had their first bets and as always happens when you look forward to something new starting, they decided to start off appallingly! 31 bets, no winners and not the best start to the live proofing of these systems.  Then again, I’m expecting around 3,000 bets this season from these Euro systems, so let’s hope the next 99% perform better than the first 1%!

Here’s the usual rundown below for all systems.

Established Systems – 17.58pts profit from 136 bets. Interestingly, the AH returns were better, so we have definitely seen more draws than we’d like with these bets. A decent start to the month.

New Systems – 32.28pts profit from 198 bets. A very solid opening to the month after an amazing month last month for these systems. I’m sure these systems are due a slight correction soon!

Misc Systems – 18.4pts profit from 84 bets. A solid start for these systems also.

Euro Systems – 32pts lost from 32 bets. Not much you can say about this. Must do better!

Over/Under Systems – 5.69pts lost from 14 bets. These systems continue to struggle and my pre-season belief about these systems not being up to much appears to be true. Struggled last season and even though I’ve made some tweaks this season, the systems still look useless. 

Overall then, 464 bets which have generated a profit of 30.57pts. Not a bad return and a decent start to the month for the systems.

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