Tuesday, 10 December 2013

December Results So Far.....

A quick summary of the results so far in December.  Been a rollercoaster already this month with a good Sunday last weekend (1st), a really poor midweek and then a good weekend just past. Gets the month off to an OK start and it’s another small step forward but it’s a busy month this month with the Festive period, so long way to go.

Traditionally, December’s are a little hit and miss and whereas I was pretty confident we’d have a decent November, less confident about December but we’ll see what happens. If I knew which months were profitable in advance, I’d be retired by now I suspect!

Est Systems

A small profit to start the month of 4.42pts from 65 bets. The AH returns are all better, so the draw has been a nuisance so far this month on these systems. System 6 has started the month very well but apart from that, been a disappointing start to many systems this month which is a worry as the other ratings have started the month OK. Could be a long month for these systems!

New Systems

67.85pts profit from 107 bets. Much better start for these systems and builds on the performance last month. These systems are very good when the ratings are doing well and they’ve had some spectacular months already in the last two seasons, so this is a really sold base on which to build. Let’s hope they can continue like this for a few more weeks!

Misc Systems

25.51pts profit from 46 bets. A great start for these systems too this month and here’s hoping these systems can keep this momentum going. The last 6 weeks have been decent on these systems, so could do with a few more weeks like this to get some profit on the board for the season.

Draw Systems

A poor start for these systems this month. 22.61pts loss from 84 games. Only thing I’ve noticed this month is that the top two combined systems have had no bets yet, so pressure will be on these systems to produce the goods when these bets appear or it could be a large loss on these systems this month.

Euro Systems

A poor start for these systems with a loss of 27.7pts from 92 bets. 

Under-Over Systems

4 winners from 8 for a 0.34pts profit.

Overall, a profit of 47.81pts from 402 bets. A solid start to the month although depending on which systems people are following, a profit or loss could have been achieved. I’d take a 10%+ return for every results update. ;) 

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