Sunday, 29 December 2013

Last results update of 2013

A poor end to the month and year after today’s results. It felt like things should have been much better and if Hartlepool hadn’t scored a 94th minute winner (had more on them to draw than win!) or if Dagenham had managed to beat 10 men Chesterfield, not missed a penalty kick or scored instead of hitting the post in the 88th minute, it would be a much different update but unfortunately, the way the season has gone, these things didn’t go for the systems today.

It’s been another decent month and I’ll get on to looking at the monthly results after this update but it’s a shame a decent month has ended on a poor set of results. Anyway, we move on and 2013 as a whole has been a really decent year for the service and for my own personal betting but I’m hopeful 2014 can see an improvement again. We’ll see what happens.

Est Systems

A loss of 3.02pts from 44 bets. You can’t see it here but there was a really good profit on homes and a large loss on Aways. Sort of sums up the way this season has gone for these systems. Trying to make money betting on the Aways has been difficult to say the least!

New Systems

A loss of 14.44pts from 83 bets. Given the month these systems have had, I can’t be too harsh on them for a smallish loss. :)

Misc Systems

A really poor couple of days on these systems. A loss of 12.93pts from 44 bets. 6-32 managed a profit which finishes off a good month after a really poor run of form earlier this season. The other systems continue to frustrate.

Draw Systems

A small profit here although the selective systems really struggled but they were a bit unlucky with the late Hartlepool goal. 0.78pts profit from 75 bets.

Overall, a loss of 29.61pts from 246 bets.

This update draws this month to a close. Overall, a decent month for many systems and the recovery from the losses earlier this season continues although updates like today probably sum up the season so far. Homes did well, Aways really struggled, a late goal caused a substantial swing and a really good value bet at nice odds missed a penalty, hit the post and couldn’t beat a team with 10 men. Sums up the season to date for the systems.

Roll on 2014! 

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