Saturday, 14 December 2013

Season Results v Live Results to end of November 2013

I promised in the November monthly review post to post the season results to date for all systems. Members of the service obviously see the monthly results every month along with updated results of all systems to date since they went live but on the blog, I do tend to concentrate on monthly results and then do a round up at the end of the season. Anyway, below is a table which shows the results this season and the live results for all systems since they went live.

I’ve joked about this a few times but when you look at the season results this season, it’s hard to imagine it’s the same systems which are showing these live results. At the end of November, 23 of the 52 systems are in profit. If you remember back, at the end of September, 3 of the systems were in profit and at the end of October, 17 of the systems were in profit. Hence, November was another step forward and we continue to claw back losses from the nightmare September month.

Looking at the latest live results for all systems, 43 of the 52 systems are in profit. Not bad considering the mess the systems have made this season so far.

Next post I’ll try to look at the TFA value ratings so far this season.

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