Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Midweek Results Update

Well, I said yesterday that last night would be a big night in the context of the month and although one of the big 4 games was called off, we were left with 3 big bets.

Interestingly, the two away bets appeared on the Draw systems a fair number of times and therefore, based on what I have been saying over the last few months regarding profits appearing on the wrong systems (for me to a small extent and for Steve to a large extent!), can you guess what happened? 

Yip, both Away bets were draws! Hence, the draw systems rake it in, my other systems hit 2 losers multiple times.

We got a little lucky with a late goal for the Home bet which limited the damage but again, if you look at the results overall, a profit on the night. Again though, I expect most people lost on the night. Steve would have anyway on the draw bets as there were 5 unique draw bets, 4 winners and 1 loser. Steve’s system had the loser!  He’s clearly jinxed in some way.

It’s actually quite funny that the trend hasn’t changed all season. The systems in profit continue to keep ploughing on upwards and the systems in losses continue to lose money hand over fist. Hence, those in the wrong place continue to feel the pain and have done all season.

It’s driving me crazy as I’m sure you’re picking up through Twitter and the blog. I can only imagine how others feel (pissed off, annoyed, frustrated, disappointed…delete as appropriate) but we’re all in the same boat.

Hindsight is easy at this game and if you look back to all my posts late last season about why I wanted to build draw systems, it was to protect my portfolio for the days and nights when the draw was a pest. If it wasn’t for the late goal last night, I’d have been looking at a massive loss for my portfolio and yet, the draw systems are doing the job I asked them to.

Keep saying it but so much of this game is in your head and at the moment, I feel like I’m mentally torturing myself. I know that if I switch systems myself, the systems I drop will suddenly hit the sort of run you dream about and if I stick with what I’m doing, I just need to sit and suffer as the other systems make profits as my systems struggle.

Without a doubt, my most frustrating season so far and I thought I learnt a lot after the first 3 seasons but I’m being taught a few valuable lessons this season!

Here’s the midweek results:

Est Systems

15 bets, 5 winners, 10 draws! A loss of 3.45pts.

New Systems

6 winners from 26, 20 draws! A loss of 9.95pts.

Misc Systems

5 winners from 17, 12 draws! A loss of 5.45pts.

Draw Systems

28 bets, 21 draws and 7 non draws!  A profit of 46.44pts.

Under/Over Systems

1 bet, 1 winner. 1.03pts profit.

Overall, a profit of 28.62pts from 55 bets. I made a hefty loss on my portfolio bets (my other systems fancied the same two Aways) and yet, I’m posting up a 52% ROI for the system bets. Feel like crying! 


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