Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Results update to end the month........

It has been an amazing week for the systems with a brilliant weekend, followed by a really solid midweek. I really do think some of the trends at this game are amazing. The last week of February looks very much like the first week of January but the 6 weeks in between were absolutely rubbish! I felt terrible at the end of January having watched the systems lose most of the profit won and now we’re at the end of February, I feel amazing about the month I’ve just had and the fact the systems turned things around just in time to end the month in profit.  Timing of profits is everything at this game!

I’ll keep my thoughts on the month until the monthly review as usual. Here are the results for the last week.

Est Systems

47 winners from 76 bets is always going to mean a big profit. A profit of 70.86pts. Long, long overdue for these systems and the fact they are still not in profit this season tells you everything you need to know about these systems this season!

The pleasing thing with this update has to be the combined systems with a profit of over 33pts from 24 bets. They’ve really struggled this season and remain in a loss making position but break-even is in sight although I’ve been here a few times before and they’ve slipped back again!

New Systems

I think this is one of the best updates I can remember for a week of bets for any of my systems. A profit of 92.14pts from 143 bets. Fantastic return.

System 31 deserves all the praise with a profit of 24.19pts from 27 bets. Stunning performance from this system again. :)

Misc Systems

A really good performance with a profit of 49.1pts from 72 bets. STOZ was again the worst performing system. Same story as all season!

Draw Systems

A profit of 6.93pts from 124 bets. Not the best update but they’ve had a great month so far whereas the previous systems were all having a shocking month. Hence, I’ll take a small profit. :)

Euro Systems

A really poor update for these systems. A loss of 21.2pts from 59 bets. Similar to the Draw systems, these systems have had an OK month until the last week and therefore, not going to give them too much of a hard time with a loss to end the month.

Under/Over Systems

6 winners from 13 bets and a profit of 0.21pts. Retirement beckons……

Overall, a profit of 198pts from 487 bets. An ROI of 40.6%. :)

A really good way to end a really tough month and I expect when we look at the month as a whole, it has been a pretty solid month. As always, I wish the profits would come every week rather than suffering losses for weeks in a row and then a massive profit to turn things around!

Next post will be the monthly review.

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