Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nice start to February......Or is it?

Given my last post, there is a little irony regarding the results from the weekend and midweek. As you’ll see below, it has been a really solid start to the month for the systems with a profit of 73.71pts from 250 bets. A good start to the month with an ROI of 29.5%.

However, as you may have seen on Steve’s blog earlier this week, Steve lost another $2,500 to start the month. I don’t need to spell it out but the systems Steve is following didn’t do as well as the other systems. If I take the draw systems as an example, Steve had 3 bets, 1 winner and a profit of 0.3pts. The draw systems in total hit 27 winners from 55 bets for a profit of 37.73pts. The other draw systems make another move forward whilst Steve’s 2 systems tread water.

Same is true for the New Systems. 14pts profit from 77 bets, Steve’s 3 systems made an overall loss.

I know it’s just variance and I have to think that sooner rather than later, Steve’s systems will start to pick up points like the other systems but it’s very frustrating for Steve I’m sure! Frustrating for me to watch him post losses when I’m posting profits on this blog but it seems to be happening a lot this season!

Here’s the results to start the month. Keeping this short as I need to get on with the ratings work for this weekend.

Est Systems

A profit of 5.03pts from 30 bets.

New Systems

A profit of 14.05pts from 77 bets.  

Misc Systems

A profit of 4pts from 20 bets.

Draw Systems

 A profit of 37.73pts from 55 bets.

Euro Systems

A profit of 15.9pts from 65 bets.

Under/Over Systems

Close to a profit full-house but as usual, these systems are useless. 3pts lost from 3 bets.  I should really keep these systems next season but reverse the bets!

Overall, a profit of 73.71pts from 250 bets. An ROI of 29.5%.

A solid start to the month but then again, nowhere near as good as last month’s first week and look what happened that month, I followed it up with 3 weeks of losses!

Long way to go this month but it’s a small step forward. 

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