Monday, 28 April 2014

Final Results for April

The weekend past rounded off a very good month of April. To say that April has been the complete opposite of March is no understatement and whereas March barely had a profitable day for the systems, April has barely had a losing day. If only it was always this easy to make money from betting on football!!!!

Going to keep this update fairly short as that’s the month now complete and therefore, my next task is to look back over the month soon. It really has been a remarkable month for some systems and interestingly, a few of the systems that suffered record losses in March have recorded record profits in April. What a difference a month makes!

The weekend past was actually the best weekend of the month which is great news considering every other update has been profitable so far this month too. Here’s hoping the systems end the season well in May and don’t give back some of these recent gains!

Est Systems

A profit of 40.7pts from 51 bets. Both rating algorithms did well, the combined systems did well and I guess the only disappointing thing is that the filtering filtered out too many winners!  It is weekends like this where you want to see lots of bets on the higher combined systems as it was difficult to lose.

New Systems

A profit of 51.88pts from 103 bets. Ratings did well, systems did and similar to above, the only frustrating thing is that there weren’t more bets on the higher combined systems.

Misc Systems

A profit of 42.55pts from 54 bets. STOZ continued it’s amazing run this month but all 6 systems had a great weekend to cap off a very good month for these systems.

Draw Systems

A loss of 19pts from 77 games. Only 17 winners from 77 games but it was another very tough weekend for finding draws in these leagues. This will go down as a poor month for these draw systems but I actually think they have done well to limit the damage this season.

Euro Systems

A profit of 30.1pts from 74 bets. Another decent weekend for the Euro bets (assumes the bet tonight loses) and it’s been an OK season so far for these ratings and systems.

Under-Over Systems

A profit of 1.3pts from 3 bets. A profitable month for these systems, now there’s a change!

Overall, a profit of 147.53pts from 362 bets. An ROI of 40.7%! Could do with more weekends like this. :)

It’s been a really strange month for the systems and my own betting. Coming off the back of the worst month ever, I went into this month with the possibility that I would lose what was left of my betting bank and I would have some massive decisions to make about where I go in the future. At the end of the month, I’m at a new season high in terms of my P&L and the systems have gone some way to undoing the mess they made in March. Seeing months like this reminds me of how much money I can make at this game when things go well and therefore, it whets my appetite for doing the work required this Summer to hopefully improve the service, the ratings and the systems.

It’s safe to say that this month has given me an enormous boost to continue working on this and to look to the future. 5 weeks ago, I’m not sure I could see a way forward and although I have some massive doubts about the service and how it should look going forward, being able to restructure things off the back of a profitable period is much easier than doing it off the back of a substantial loss!

Next post should be the monthly review although it’s going to take a little bit of time. 


  1. Well done, Graeme. Pleased to see a good month.

    Kind regards,

  2. Cheers Jason, great to get back on track (again!).