Monday, 3 November 2014

Latest October results

A very quick post to close off the month of October. The next post will be a very quick update on the Underlying results for both the UK and Euro leagues games I’ve rated so far this season and then we can get onto the monthly review of October.

Here’s the results from last midweek.

Est Systems

4 bets, 4 losers. -4pts

New Systems

2 bets, 2 losers. -2pts

Misc Systems

2 bets, 2 losers. -2pts

Draw Systems

5 bets, 5 losers. -5pts

Euro Systems

23 bets, 13 winners. +11.4pts

Euro Draw Systems

13 bets, 2 winners. -4.3pts

Overall, a loss of 5.9pts from 49 bets.

Next post will be a quick look at the underlying results for September and October. 

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