Thursday, 27 January 2011


Hard to know what to make of things at the minute. The systems have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous where finding winners has become very difficult.

I backed 10 teams in midweek and only found 2 winners. 6 draws and 2 losers were the other games.

When you piece together the weekend and the midweek, it hasn't been pretty but I'm probably not the only one struggling using a ratings algorithm to project the outcome of football matches this month. From reading blogs and forums, I know that others betting on football are struggling this month also, so I just have to hold tight and wait until the tide turns.

I've got data going back 8 years to show that these systems are profitable, so fingers crossed they get back on track soon!

Below are the results from midweek.

I'll be back tomorrow with my bets for the weekend.

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