Monday, 26 March 2012

And another blog to read......

A quick post detailing yet another blog that should be a good read and will hopefully pinpoint some winners on the racing.

When I started out as The Form Analyst in 2008, one of my intentions was to try to educate people about how detailed form analysis could be used to make a profit from horseracing. I reckon that my knowledge on flat racing at the time was probably as good as most in the game and I showed that over the Summer of 2009 when the service produced some great results. With hindsight, I should have probably given Andrew (The Value Bettor) a free rein in the Winter as he was helping me out with pinpointing potential bets and although my flat knowledge was much better, Andrew’s NH knowledge was superior to mines.

One of the best things to come out of TFA was that many people learned a lot about how to make a profit from horseracing and sports betting and that in itself has spawned various betting blogs written by ex subscribers to TFA.

The latest person to take the plunge is Matt. I think when Matt first joined TFA, he had little, if not no knowledge of the horseracing game. He was simply following the advice of tipsters but I reckon that anyone who spends time discussing horseracing with myself (or Andrew) can come to the conclusion that it isn’t as difficult to find an edge at this game as some people think. If you’re willing to work hard and spend long enough on races, you can find yourself an edge. Being honest, I reckon that if you’ve got half a brain and are willing to work hard, you can find an edge on most sports!

I think it was the first summer after I stopped looking at the racing that Matt decided he wanted to learn about trying to find an edge at horseracing. Andrew and I had already written reams of posts in the forum regarding the ways to go about this and Matt diligently studied what we’d written and asked us various questions etc. It soon became clear that Matt was on his way to becoming a value bettor but the one thing he lacked was any experience.

He cut his teeth in the forum in the summer of 2010 by posting selections and his results were half decent. I know that due to time pressures etc. Matt has struggled to devote much time to his race reading as he’d have liked but I reckon that a blog is a great way to keep you motivated at this game. Once you build up a readership, it gives you an incentive to keep going during bad spells which is one of the drawbacks of value betting I find.

My ‘free’ time these days is obviously dedicated to football systems and football betting but I’m sure one day, I will return to flat racing as I know I have a pretty big edge there. The ROI for flat racing only for The Form Analyst service over the 13 months of the service was 48.3%. Unfortunately, my issue with the racing service was the time it took to do the work and ultimately, I have less time these days than I’ve ever had. I do still miss the racing though and although hitting a winner on system 7-22 gives me a big buzz these days, it’s not quite the same as dissecting a 20 runner handicap!

Hopefully Matt will prove an able substitute for TFA in the next few months. If that’s not pressure, I don’t know what is……..

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