Thursday, 8 March 2012

Quick update on the future

A quick post concerning the remainder of this season and for those looking to follow the bets as I’ve had a few enquiries via the blog comments and PMs/emails from people who are interested in receiving the bets via email distribution.

Simply, unless you are on the current email subscription list, the only way to follow the bets until the end of this season is to do so via the blog. I don’t want to take on new subscribers at the moment as we’re entering the final stages of this season and quite simply, anyone joining now can achieve results in the short-term that may not be a true indication of the underlying performance of the systems. This may be good or bad but either way, I don’t want the systems judged by anyone over a 2 month spell.

The bets will appear on the blog at 6pm on a Friday and 9am on a Tuesday for the remainder of this season. These are UK times. People can follow the bets that way and although the odds may have moved from the odds quoted, if using a range of bookmakers and Betfair, you’ll get very close to the odds I suspect in the majority of games.

There are no concrete plans for next season yet but all I can share (which has already been shared with current subscribers and SBC forum members) is that the service will be developed over the summer for the benefit of those following the systems. This will include new systems for the top European Leagues using the same ratings methodology I use in the 6 UK leagues at the moment. In addition, I will also be adding Asian Handicap options to following the bets and although this can’t be used on every system or every bet, I believe that if used properly, it can help reduce some of the volatility that we see on the systems without eroding too much of the edge that the systems have. I also hope to share the historical results in Excel for all systems that will allow people to build their optimal portfolio of systems for next season.

I’m not quite sure what will happen on the blog next season but it is still my intention to run with a blog even though I’ll move over to a website to put the football systems on a more professional footing going forward. The blog will either be used to trial some of the new systems or will be used to discuss the results of the systems.

What I can say is that not all bets will be posted on the blog pre-game now as I’ve been doing this for over a season and a half and hopefully this has allowed as many people as possible to make a profit from following the systems without any costs (apart from my time!). I think a 2 season trial of the systems is a good enough indicator whether the systems have an edge or not and therefore, if people would like to continue to follow the systems, they can join the email distribution list if they wish next season.

I now have over 6,500 proofed bets producing an ROI of 8%+ and for the portfolio of systems I recommended people follow (which is also recommended by the SBC), this is an ROI of 16%+ over 1,700 bets. In addition, I also have some of the best performing footie systems which are producing ROIs in excess of 20% over the last season and a half and these systems are unrivalled in the market at the moment. Therefore, there are multiple ways of following the bets but more importantly, there are a lot of ways to make money and hopefully people appreciate this aspect of the systems.

Next season’s aim has to be to establish the footie systems as the best in the market and hopefully grow the email subscription base to make this project worthwhile continuing with into the future. The work that goes into maintaining the ratings, finding the system bets and monitoring the results is nearly a full-time job and therefore, it is only sustainable long-term if I can cover my time for doing the work.

I hope this provides a quick update for those who have asked various questions in the past week. When I have more to share regarding next season’s plans, I’ll mention it on here.

Back tomorrow night with the weekend bets.


  1. 16% ROI after 1700 bets is incredible! I'm 23.06% but after only 16 tips :D

    Hopefully I can catch some of your tips on here or subscribe next time around.

  2. Hi Webbo.

    Not a bad start then for you. ;)

    As I keep saying on here, it’s not the best time to start following the systems based on historical performance as my ratings do tend to perform better in the first half of the season but if you are playing small stakes and following the right systems, then you won’t do much damage hopefully.

    Not sure what systems you follow but I’d definitely steer you towards systems 6-21 to 8-22 as these are the ones that are proofed from the SBC and have created the 16% return over 1,700 bets mate.

    You would have seen it on the last post but the bets appear at 6pm on a Friday on here and 9am on a Tuesday for midweek bets. Hence, look back then and you’ll see the bets.

    Hopefully you’ll see enough potential to give the main service a go next season. There will also be other systems for Euro leagues next season and the Under/Over 2.5 goal systems which are being trialled in another forum at the moment, so there will be plenty to follow next season (as if there isn’t enough at the moment!)