Tuesday, 11 December 2012

That's more like it......

This is an update from two weekends ago, last midweek and the weekend past. Really been non-stop again, so finding time to update the blog has been difficult but as always, I do my best.

It has been a really good period and this month has started about as well as I could have hoped for. After a difficult two months in a row, it’s nice to start the month well but with the Christmas period included in this month, it’s going to be a busy month, so there is a long way to go!

Not surprisingly, it is the New systems and Misc systems that have been doing great so far this month but unlike the last couple of months, the Est systems and Euro systems aren’t too far behind. The Under/Over systems have started the month poorly after a good month last month.

Est Systems

A real steady start to the month with profits achieved in 4 of the 5 days so far. 65 winners from 121 bets tells the story I think and a profit of 45.3pts overall. 

The second algorithm continues to be the star of the show this season and another couple of brilliant days already this month.  4 from 5 on the 1st of month, followed by 9 from 14 on Saturday is an  amazing run of form given the odds we’re backing at here.  Over 21pts profit from 22 bets so far this month.

New Systems

Similar to the Est Systems, I think the strike rate is the key here. 94 winners from 197 bets is great going and a profit of 63pts already this month. The weekend past was pretty special for these systems and they continue to amaze me with the returns this season.

Don’t want to discuss the season to date results too much as I like to keep that to the month end reports but these results so far have been stunning. I keep thinking to myself it can’t continue and surely they’ll level off at some point but the P&L continues to increase at a rate of knots! 

Let’s hope they can finish the month as well as they have started and it would be great if these systems could start with 4 months of profits since they have went live. The Est Systems managed to do this when they first went live, so the New Systems are trying to copy these systems, 2 seasons later than the Est Systems managed it.

Misc Systems

A truly stunning month so far for these systems with a profit of 63.7pts from only 91 bets! Not much more to say and these systems have really, really impressed me this season and justify my decision to continue with these systems after a poor first season last season. I kept the faith with a few of these systems in my own betting portfolio after last season as I had more faith in these systems than the New systems this season and although this hasn’t worked out perfectly, they’re not a bad substitute for not following more of the new systems!

Euro Systems

These systems continue to be very unpredictable if I’m honest. They started the month amazingly well and hit lots of winners (41 from 73 bets) to generate the first real big profit this season on these systems. They then follow up with no winners in the next 53 bets to nearly wipe out all the profits in the month and then they hit a really nice winner to get most of the profits back again! Very up and down and the weekend past was farcical as they barely hit any winners and the losers weren’t drawing either for a change!

End of the day, 56pts from 164 bets so far this month is a great start but I can’t help but feel there are going to be more ups and downs this month based on the results so far!

Under/Over Systems

A rubbish start to the month with a loss of 6.28pts from only 19 bets.  I’ve given up trying to predict anything about these Under/Over systems. Just when I thought they’d maybe turned the corner again, a losing run comes along and wipes out any small bit of confidence I had in them.  We’ll see what happens next!

Overall results

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better start to the month I think. A profit of over 220pts from only 592 bets gives a great foundation for the month and hopefully the systems can build on this. When you combine this month so far with my last post on the season to date, it’s suddenly looking a helluva lot better than it looked 6-8 weeks ago!

Still early days this month and of course, we’re not quite 40% of the way through the season yet, so there is a long, long way to go. This month in particular will be interesting with the busy Christmas schedule, followed by the New Year schedule at the start of Jan, so before we know it, we’ll soon be 50% of the way through the season and we can take stock of things a little more.

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