Saturday, 1 December 2012

Last Weekend, Midweek and Friday the 30th.....

As the title suggests, this update covers last weekend, the midweek and then Friday night. Friday was officially the end of the month of November, so I’ll draw the cut-off then for the monthly reporting as usual.  I’ll try to keep any observations for the monthly report which will follow this post but it has been a tricky month for the second month running on many of the systems. Anyway, more of that on the next post.

Established Systems

It seems like I say this all the time at the moment when I’m updating the results posts. Another tricky period for these systems and they continue to struggle along. They actually look a shadow of themselves compared to the first two seasons but I do think things need to kept in context. I know not everyone follows all of the systems or all of the combined systems even and anyone following a few of the higher combined systems aren’t having a great time of it at the moment but the actual base ratings aren’t performing too badly on these systems.  They are in profit and have been all season, the only thing that is letting the systems down is the filtering between the systems.

A loss of 15pts from 102 bets highlights how difficult it has been over the last week again although the draw has been a pain on these systems recently. I thought the month was summed up well in the Birmingham game last night where I had Middlesboro to win. I watched the game and Middlesboro were in front twice, played the whole game with confidence while Birmingham looked badly out of form and were playing poorly and yet, Birmingham ended up winning. I’ve still no idea how they won that game tbh but I wasn’t surprised considering I’d backed Middlesboro!

Overall, a tricky period for these systems and the monthly winning run had to come to an end sometime and unfortunately, it is this month. More of that in the next post!

New Systems

Another decent period for these systems and they continue to laugh at the Est Systems this season. A profit of 24.23pts from 152 games. A nice return which finishes off the month well and it’s safe to say that these systems have started the season as well as I could have dreamed about!

I think it’s remarkable that it’s like the New Systems and Est Systems have flipped around completely this season. Last season, the Est Systems wiped the floor with the New Systems (which weren’t live admittedly and were only backtested) but this season, now the New Systems have gone live, they are really making the Est Systems seem ordinary.

I keep saying it but it’s still early days for these New Systems. 3 months of good profits sounds great, especially when the Est Systems are really struggling this season but going into this season, the Est Systems had 15 months of good profits from 18 live months! The New Systems have a long way to go before they proof themselves as good as the Est Systems but I can’t help but feel we are maybe seeing the handover of one set of brilliant systems to another brilliant set of systems. I’ve said since day one that all systems have a shelve life and possibly, the Est Systems may be on the way out, to be replaced by these New Systems but we’ll see how the rest of the season pans out.

Misc Systems

A bit of a nothing update here for these systems. A loss of 4.9pts from 75 games. No real damage done. What I would say about these systems is that they have definitely proven themselves a bit more this season after an indifferent season last season. I follow these systems in my own betting portfolio even though they struggled badly last season and they have justified my faith a good bit this season already.

Euro Systems

These systems really are making me pull my hair out this season. I don’t want to keep restating the impact of the draw but I honestly believe there isn’t a big difference between profits and losses on these systems. At the moment, they don’t seem to get much going their way but at some point soon I hope, things will click and we’ll rack up some big profits. Until that happens, it’s a case of trying to stay in the game.

A profit of 19pts from 180 bets which tbh, is a decent return over a difficult period again. The weekend started well but the midweek went downhill after Tuesday evening with all losers on Wednesday and Friday. Still, given the month these systems have had, I’ll take any form of profit!

Under/Over Systems

These systems continue to surprise me and 7 winners from 10 games gave a profit of 4.62pts. A nice little run for these systems and the best month these systems have ever had since they went live I think! Long overdue though and still a long way to go before they convince me that they have any real potential for the future.

Overall then,  a profit of 27.95pts from another 519 bets. Not the best period but again, a small profit is eeked out. At the moment, the systems at a high level are managing to grind out gains here and there to offset losses on some of the higher profile systems which is keeping things moving forward. Hopefully things get easier in December!

Next post will be the November review…….

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