Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Weekend Update

A quick update from the weekend results. The UK results were ruined by a couple of teams losing 2-0 leads and generally, the draw was a major issue this weekend with the UK bets.  The Euro systems performed much better again and managed to consolidate a decent start to the month of December with another profitable weekend.

No major damage done though and we move onto the weekend.

Est Systems

The results would have looked much better if Bradford had not lost a 2-0 lead very late on. A loss of 4.21pts from 75 bets. The combined systems made a tiny loss overall, so no real harm done.

New Systems

At first glance, a really poor weekend but a quick look at the AH returns shows where the issue lies with these bets at the weekend. A loss of 30pts if backing outright and yet, a profit of 15pts is using AH0.5. Says it all really.

Misc Systems

A similar story to the New Systems here. A loss of 8.54pts for outright betting and yet, a profit of 8.94 if using AH0.5.

Under/Over Systems

A great weekend for these (have you ever seen a rollercoaster like these bets before?) and they managed to hit 7 from 9 correct for a profit of 5.77pts. Amazing performance after the terrible weekend last week. I wonder what will happen this weekend?

Euro Systems

Tremendous weekend with profits on every Euro system again this weekend. These really look to have turned the corner after a tricky start. Overall, a profit of 57.6pts from 77 bets. Amazingly, no real profits if using AH0.5, so the draw didn’t hinder these systems at all this weekend. Shows what can happen when teams win, rather than draw!

Overalll, a profit of 19.9pts this weekend from 325 bets. Not exactly a great weekend but when you consider Bradford lost a 2 goal lead and was about a 60pt swing overall, it wasn’t far away from being a very good weekend, rather than just an average weekend.

Let’s see what the weekend brings……

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