Friday, 1 February 2013

Midweek Update

A quick update of the midweek results before I turn my attention to the monthly review for January. Not looking forward to it really but it can’t be as bad as updating my own P&L last night for the month!

The midweek again saw a few games postponed that were fairly large bets for me. I think in the last few weeks, there have been a lot of bets postponed that were picked out by a lot of systems. Not sure when these games are all going to be rearranged but I wouldn’t be surprised if Feb or March turn out to be busier than usual in a normal season for the systems.

Anyway, the midweek was again frustrating with a high number of draws. Draws frustrate me more than most things at football betting as at the odds I generally play at, a draw is usually pretty close to a very decent win. If I was betting on 1.5 shots all the time, I wouldn’t have much sympathy if I was hitting draws but when I’m on decent priced aways, it is frustrating (even if I am using AH0!)

Est Systems

3.94pts profit from 24 bets. A profit of over 10pts if using AH0.5 though which shows the draw was a pain again.

New Systems

A profit of 6.4pts from 16 games. Again, AH0.5 was the winner here due to the draw.

Misc Systems

A small 3.8pts profit from 13 bets. Importantly, a nice home winner on the TOX, STOY and STOZ systems. These home bets are probably the only chink of light in an otherwise disaster of a season for Home bets.

Under-Over Systems

This is slightly annoying but just as it looked like these systems were going to create a profit in the month, it is all wiped out and more in the last betting day. In other words, the systems revert to type! A loss of 4pts from 4 games.

Overall, a profit of 10.14pts from 57 games. Wasn’t as bad an update as I was expecting after the comment at the end of my last post!

However, the next post is going to be the monthly review and that’s going to be painful for me……….

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