Monday, 11 February 2013

Weekend Update

A quick update for the weekend results.  Another profitable set of fixtures and this month has got off to a decent start. I know it can’t continue like this for too long but I can always dream!

Est Systems

A profit of 20.14pts from 86 bets. The combined systems had a great weekend again and for the first time since September, the systems are starting to look like the systems I remember from last season!

New Systems

 A profit of 13.82pts from 87 bets. A decent return here too.

Misc Systems

A profit of 25.93pts from 56 bets. Not sure any of my systems have ever had a better start to a month than these systems this month!  I’d be happy if they could get through the rest of the month with the same profit they have now but it’s never as easy as that, is it?

Over/Under Systems

A loss of 2.67pts from 11 games. Seems these systems have gone off the boil again. Not too surprised, they are rubbish systems!

Euro Systems

The tough start to the month continues for these systems and it’s a loss of 17.3pts from 116 bets.  Too many draws again here and seems a common story on these systems at the moment.

Overall, a profit of 39.92pts from 356 bets. Consolidates the profits made last week but a long, long way to go this month!

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