Sunday, 24 February 2013

Weekly update

A really good week again for the systems. I said in the last post that if the systems could finish February well and hold onto the profits already achieved, it could give us something to build on for the rest of the season. We had a really good midweek followed by a so-so weekend and therefore, the systems are close to doing as I wanted and are actually accumulating more profits.  There is still a busy midweek fixture list to come but assuming the systems don’t go mad, February should see a long overdue return to profitability after 3 losing months in a row.

I have one Euro bet outstanding for Monday evening. For this update, I have assumed the selection has lost the game. Obviously, if they win or draw, I’ll update my records.

Est Systems

Hasn’t been the best week for system 21 considering it’s the only system from this set that has been doing well this season but it has been a good week for the higher combined systems. About time too I hear most of you shout but good things come to those who wait!

Overall, a profit of 31.62pts from 86 bets.  A really good performance again and they are slowly starting to build up some momentum. The combined systems made 17.53pts from 33 bets which is a great return and much more like it.  7-21 thru to 8-22 made a profit of 16.42pts from 10 bets.  Can’t recall too many updates like this for these higher combined systems this season. 

New Systems

An exceptional performance by these systems this week to keep the month going.  A profit of 63.48pts from 157 bets.  System 41 was the star of the show with a profit of 19.75pts from 38 bets. Great run by this system. 

Misc Systems

 A profit of 16.55pts from 65 bets. A really good midweek return was spoilt somewhat by a poor weekend if I’m honest but over the week, it’s a very good return. TOX, STOY and STOZ were the best performers again and they really are showing up most of the other systems this season. 

Under/Over Systems

A profit of 0.8pts from 16 bets. A good midweek spoilt by a poor weekend. Overall, the systems continue to struggle in the main.

Euro Systems

A profit of 2.1pts from 87 bets this weekend. I think the most alarming thing at the moment is the run of the 2nd algorithm! The current drawdown is around 40pts but it has accumulated over the last 122 bets. That’s a dreadful run. I make it 29 wins in this time, with 83 losers. Average odds are quite high at 4.00 and if I look at a number of games, there are a lot of big priced teams who have drawn and of course, that would make this run nowhere near as bad but as it stands, it’s a shocking run!

Overall then, a profit of 114.55 from 411 bets for this update. Great return again and this month continues to be a decent month.  Just need to navigate the midweek fixtures and then I can look back on this month and do the usual monthly review.  

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