Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Results Update

This is an update from the midweek games last week, the weekend games and then the midweek games this week. A lot of bets since the last update but things continue to run along OK I think. The Euro systems were the big winners over the weekend and that was long overdue.  I was just about losing patience with the Euro bets before the weekend and they haven’t had the best of luck this season but thankfully, I kept the faith and they repaid me a little at the weekend.

Here’s the results by system:

Established Systems

A slightly difficult period for these systems with a loss of 21.37pts from 145 bets. Interestingly, the best performing system since the last update has been system 7-22 (haven’t said that too often this season!) and after reaching a new maximum historical drawdown this season, the system is now in profit! 19 winners in the last 32 bets has clawed back a massive deficit this season and as the saying goes, you can’t keep a good system down. 

A few months back, I thought that break-even for 7-22 and break-even overall for the combined systems would be an acceptable result this season given the way things have gone and I was happy to hopefully dodge a very bad losing season. My mood hasn’t changed too much as I know how quickly a losing run can bite again but it’s really good to see all 6 combined systems crawl into some form of profit after a really tough season. A long way to go and they could theoretically still all end up losing this season but I think they have avoided the sort of massive losing season that was on the cards at one stage.

The draw has been a pain since the last update and using AH+0.5 has only seen a loss of -1.48pts, so the systems weren’t too far away from a decent return I suspect.

New Systems

 The draw played a big impact here and I saw it when I was updating the results over the period. A loss of 24.08pts from 251 bets for backing outright and yet, a profit of 25.76pts if using AH0.50. A similar pattern to the Est Systems in a way with the higher combined systems doing better than the base ratings. All season, the weaker bets have been holding up the returns on the TFA systems overall and of course, there are many more weaker bets than stronger bets, so it helped to disguise the fact the better bets weren’t winning but the last month has seen the tide turn a little.

Of course, a good few weeks for the stronger bets in general can’t hide the really poor performance for most of the season from the same bets but it helps to give me some confidence for the run-in.

Misc Systems

No damage done on these systems although again, the draw has been a pain. A loss of 1.48pts from 139 bets but a profit of 21.62pts if using AH0.5.

The STO systems continue to be the star performers and all 3 systems made a profit over a very tricky period. The title of best TFA system of the year will be hard fought at the annual TFA system tipster awards that take place in my head every year and one of the STO systems might have a shot at wrestling the title from system 7-22. 7-22 has been the winner for the first two seasons and although he’s making a late charge to retain his title, he’ll need some miracle results to get near some of the other systems!

Under/Over Systems

I can’t reall this happening before on an update for a decent number of bets but the P&L is exactly 0.00pts from 15 bets. Jog on, nothing to see here…..

Euro Systems

 A stunning weekend for these systems with a profit of 121.6pts from 165 bets. 90 winners from 165 bets says it all really and I’m not quite sure how they’ve managed it but all 6 combined systems are now in profit for the season!

I expect it’s going to take a helluva lot of time to review these systems this Summer as it has been a really confusing season but for the moment, let’s just enjoy a really good weekend before worrying about why it doesn’t happen more often or even before we worry about if we’re going to lose all of these profits!

Overall, a profit of 74.67pts from 715 bets. An ROI of 10.44%.

I can’t recall too many times this season when the Euro systems have created all of the profits generated but it’s nice to see the wealth being spread between the systems a little more!

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