Sunday, 31 March 2013

Results Update

This is the results update from 23rd March to 31st March. Basically, last weekend and this weekend. I obviously have a lot of bets for tomorrow (Easter Monday) but these will fall into April, so it makes sense to do the results update now. Once this update is complete, I will then look at reviewing March before we move onto April.

The last week or so has been another decent period. The consistency shown over the last 7-8 weeks has been much like what I experienced last season for the majority of the season. The first part of this season didn’t really go to plan as we know but things have settled down over the last two months thankfully.

Est Systems

No real headway with these systems since the last update. A loss of 0.7pts from 83 bets. A small profit was made if using some form of draw coverage, so the draw has played a part in the fact the systems haven’t been able to make a profit.

New Systems

A similar story to the Est Systems here with a lot of bets but no real headway being made. A profit of 1.45pts from 93 bets. Last weekend was actually a decent weekend but this weekend has given away most of the profits.

Misc Systems

A decent set of results for these systems I think. A profit of 5.62pts from 52 bets. The STO systems again were the reason for this profit and these systems have had quite a stunning month again.

Under/Over Systems

Another disappointing update for these systems. They continue to struggle along this season and at the moment, they appear to be gasping for air! A loss of 5.86pts from 10 bets which is very poor.

 Euro Systems

These systems had no bets last weekend due to Internationals but another really good weekend this weekend to finish off an unbelievable month. A profit of 37.2pts from 56 bets.

I’ve been quite hard on the Euro Systems after a slow start this season but the last month has been amazing really. Still not sure I have complete faith in my ratings for these European leagues but at least the results for this season are starting to look highly respectable which is a start.  Interestingly, the actual ratings aren’t having an amazing season but crossing the algorithms appears to be working wonders and at the end of the day, that’s probably what I need to concentrate on. My ratings are only a means to an end and so far, it looks OK. Long way to go for these systems this season though.

Overall then, a profit of 37.71pts from 294 bets to end the month. Quite looking forward to looking back on this month and it’s great to have two really good months in a row. I feel like the systems have steadied the ship a little and in the case of the Euro systems, they are really starting to show what they are made of.

Next post should be the review of March 2013.

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